Sunday, April 10, 2011

Various Thoughts

1. I got a new battery for my cell phone, and now I can actually have a conversation without the battery going dead! Bonus! (Note to self: Start making friends.)

2. I love Ziploc baggies. I especially love the ones that contain leftover pizza.

3. Bugs annoy me, which is a shame because there are a lot of them this time of year. And when you live in the country (or even reasonably close to it), they all treat your home like a cheap motel.

4. Guess who lost a hundred pounds!

5. Today's one of those days when Twitter isn't working right; the page doesn't show up no matter how long I wait. But y'know, I'm ok with that today. Mostly because I have nothing worthwhile to say at the moment. At least nothing that can be confined to 140 characters or less. ;)

Have a nice day, and tell the voices I said hi.


LOTGK said...

2. I love Ziploc baggies. I especially love the ones that contain leftover pizza."

Mine are usually empty.

00dozo said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! (I hope it wasn't partly due to the black flies - eeek!).

nonamedufus said...

What's up with cell phone batteries? I need a new battery but I may as well get a new phone. Only problem is my service agreement isn't up yet. They've got you coming and going.

Congrats on the big weight loss. I lose a couple hundred pounds every day. Every time I get up off the couch!

Steven said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You are amazing!!

Janna said...

LOTGK: Funny you should mention that. I had leftover pizza for dinner and now my Ziploc baggie is empty too. :(

00dozo: Mostly it was due to a hideous amount of dietary fiber. (!!!)

nonamedufus: The good news is that the battery cost a lot less than I thought it would. I was pleasantly surprised.

Steve: Yaaay! :)