Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things the letters CCRT could stand for

1. Charlie's Certainly Rotten Today
2. Come Choke Rhonda's Toad!
3. Camille Celebrates Ramadan Timidly
4. Collecting Chihuahua Remnants Tomorrow
5. Certain Children Remain Troublesome
6. Chocolate Chicken's Really Terrible
7. Can Canada Rectify This?
8. Claustrophobic Camping Requires Tents*

*Claustrophobic camping is an "in-tents" experience.
(HA! Get it?)


Belinda said...

You're very funny. Love that you go to great lengths to explain #8.

Janna said...

Belinda: I liked the idea that it's an "in-tents" experience. If only the rest of the world understood my weird sense of humor. ;)