Monday, January 31, 2011

On the bright side, the litter box smells wonderful... as far as I can tell.

Things I've realized during my recent flu/cold thing:

1. When you can not taste anything at all, Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper taste exactly the same, except the Coke has more fizz.

2. When you forget to bring a tissue into the store with you, THAT'S when your sinuses will work overtime until you are sniffing and dripping in front of a very uncomfortable-looking cashier.

3. When you can not taste anything at all, and are only able to notice the temperature and texture of things, cold canned mushrooms will make you gag.

4. When you're driving home in a pseudo-haze and your brain feels like re-heated refried beans, the words to this song make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

5. When you can not taste anything at all, green beans and strawberries taste exactly the same, except the strawberries have more seeds.

6. After four days, despite your best efforts to carefully blow your nose on soft cotton cloth instead of rough tissues, your entire face will still feel like someone buffed it with sandpaper.

7. When you can not taste anything at all, bran cereal is exactly like sawdust.

8. When you can not smell anything at all, it doesn't matter if you use air freshener in the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

I thought bran cereal was made from sawdust!

Anonymous said...

Canned mushrooms in any circumstances are nasty...

nonamedufus said...

Hell, even when you can taste, bran cereal tastes exactly like sawdust.

Janna said...

miksplace: I wonder!

Grace: Usually I don't mind them, but I can totally understand how some people would find them unappetizing. The texture is completely different from fresh mushrooms.

nonamedufus: LOL! Sadly, yes. :)

cardiogirl @ said...

*Love* Blood, Sweat and Tears -- his voice is awesome. Now onto the lyrics.

I never pay attention to the lyrics but now I am going to obsess on "Ride a painted pony let the spinnin' wheel spin."

This song was written in the 60's right? I guess that explains some of it.