Thursday, January 20, 2011

And right now, my feet are colder than a polar bear's butt

Things the tabloids don't know about me yet:

1. My left foot itches.

2. I hate bugs so much that it would hard to be polite if I ever met one socially.

3. I like teriyaki sauce better than mustard.

4. I liked the first Jurassic Park movie, all except for that chick who kept screaming and screaming.


Always Write said...

Ha you are very clever

now I need to think what mine would be - hmmm

well they don't know where the tat is located

Stranger said...

#1. At this moment or constantly?

#2: I hate most bugs so much that I can agree with you on this. Cockroaches, ants, and Japanese beetles are my least favorites.

#3. I prefer mustard to everything else. But teriyaki with pineapple is a close second.

#4. I remember liking it but it's been so long I don't remember it

Your 55 is a fun read! Happy weekend!

moondustwriter said...

Janna you always give me a smile or two.

I'm trying to think tabloids too - I'm not telling

G-Man said...

Uh...I hate to burst your bubble Janna, but I just got thru reading the story behind this Headline...
Michigan Woman's Brave Battle Against Jungle Rot!!
Endeavor to Persevere...
My Dear...You are a tanker of Calamine Lotion, in a Sea of Poison Ivy!
(Ooooh, an itchy theme goin on!)
Thank You for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Belinda Munoz said...

At least, now we know. And how fun to read G-Man's comment that is possibly as good as your 55.

izzy said...

Very true! and a fun read- thanks!

Monkey Man said...
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Monkey Man said...

In Stranger's style -
1. Tough actin' Tenactin
2. "Accidently" step on them, then just say 'excuse me, it was an accident.'
3. Depends on the kind of mustard
4. Screamers make me crazy, too.

Cad said...

Well, who would'a guessed?!!

5thsister said...

Love the list! May I impose my own?

1. My scalp has been itchy ever since watching the Dirty Jobs "lice" episode

2. I don't mind spiders...I'll kill them but I don't mind them. (now wasps are a whole different matter)

3. Pesto

4. Hated the movie, agree about the screaming chick, the book was far better.

Jingle said...

what a fun list..
hope that it is written to entertain.

Janna said...

Always Write: Welcome! Thanks for visiting. :)

1. At this moment and occasional other unforeseen moments.
2. I don't mind them so much when they stay outdoors where they belong. Even then it's nice if they keep a polite distance.
3. Chicken teriyaki with pineapple is delicious!
4. The best thing is the music... and possibly Jeff Goldblum. Oh, yeah, and they have dinosaurs.

Moondustwriter: I'm glad I could make someone smile today. It's so cold here I think I'm too frozen to do any facial expressions at all.

G-Man: Jungle rot? And I haven't even stepped in any monkey poop lately...

Belinda: He does have fun comments, doesn't he? :)

Izzy: Yay! Thanks for visiting! :)

1. Please send any extra you may have laying around.
2. I did that. Apparently now I'm on their top ten list of "Insect Hate Crime Perpetrators." Shhh. Don't tell them where I am.
3. I like honey mustard best, although even that's not as good as Kikkoman teriyaki sauce. I'm talking about the thick kind with the sesame seeds. Delicious.
4. There was a Batman movie which annoyed me too because the heroine kept doing this aggravating high-pitched scream. I forget who it was. Apparently the screams pierced my brain and caused amnesia.

Cad: Thanks for visiting! :)

1. I understand completely!
2. That reminds me, last summer there was a wasp's nest under my porch roof and I forgot to destroy it. It's probably a condominium by now.
3. Good stuff, but still not as good as teriyaki, in my opinion. :)
4. Ah! I haven't read the book. Sounds promising!

Jingle: I aim for fun lists. :)

Anonymous said...

hahha... I am with you on that bug thing, Janna!! :) In the bug community, I (and maybe you) must be the rudest of 'em all.. heheh

LOVED your 55, girl... you simply ROCK!!!

Janna said...

kavisionz: Yay! Glad I'm not alone. :)