Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just a bit of advice...

Anagrams for the phrase "Stay Home On Black Friday":

1. Her Flamboyant Yak Disco
2. Yak Bloodstain? Army Chef!
3. Try Bookshelf Maniac Day!
4. Crankshaft Made Oily Boy
5. Yon Formidable Haystack
6. Folksy Yet Bad Harmonica
7. Sketchy Abdominal Foray
8. Had Icky Astronomy Fable
9. Fond Smoky Bacterial Hay
10. Bimonthly Sofa Creak Day
11. Stocky Boyfriend ala Ham
12. Flay Macintosh Keyboard
13. Amy, Aloof Hick Bystander
14. Chemistry Band Loaf? Okay!
15. Lock Any Fishy Dreamboat
16. Yam: Foolhardy Snack Bite
17. Ohm... Oily Breakfast Candy


nonamedufus said...

Man your brain's always thinking. Loved "Folksy Yet Bad Harmonica"!

Janna said...


I mean....

nonamedufus: I liked that one too; I think my favorite was "Bimonthly Sofa Creak Day". My sofa doesn't get to creak anywhere NEAR that often. Sad, really.

Marla said...

You brilliant types make my brain hurt.

Janna said...

Marla: Sorry about that! :o Here, let me send some aspirin...