Monday, October 11, 2010

Things to think about when you're just too tired to think of anything important

1. Politics

2. The number of spiders currently hiding under the bed of Britney Spears

3. Why there aren't any vegetables in pretty pastel rainbow colors to delight and amuse us

4. How to say "My cat is chewing on your lizard" in German

5. How big King Kong's large intestine would have been

6. What to do if you ever meet the person who invented the Speedo

7. Whether anyone would notice if you wore a different scent of deodorant under each armpit


nonamedufus said...

Keep you cat away from my lizard's underarms.

Anonymous said...

1. No thanks.

2. 3

3. I've seen some nice mushy peas in a nice pastel green!

4. Meine Katze kaut auf Ihrer Eidechse

5. I'd worry about what comes out of his intestines, who cleans that up?

6. Look away.

7. I can never decide on which of my three deodorants to wear, so I use a different one under each arm.

Janna said...

nonamedufus: I make no promises!

miksplace: "Meine Katze kaut auf Ihrer Eidechse".... I love it! Thank you!