Thursday, September 2, 2010

Additions to the Jannapedia

SHODS: "Shards," pronounced by someone who lives in Boston.

VOCODIMM: Someone is trying to ask for Vicodin but their speech is too slurred to pronounce it properly.

HEXTS: Texts with a lot of bad news.

EXOSOD: When kids get so filthy that they actually have an exoskeleton made of dirt.

DENLAMET: The word "lamented", all mixed up. (So... is he really sorry or not?)

WHINO: A rhino, about four years old, in the back seat, constantly saying "Are we there yet? Why can't we get ice cream? Are we there YET? Make the crocodiles stop staring at me!"

STOLO: Tools that are not in the proper order.

PARIER: A partier who had a bit too much, and ended up throwing up the letter "T".

KIRKSA: Kirksa weird guy, but at least he knows how to yodel.

INGINN: Evry kar haz an inginn. Dont furget to add oyl.

TORTEST: What the tortoise flunked.

CHEAR: What we hear from cheerleaders who can't spell.

DISMAC: Dismay upon realizing they forgot to include the fries with your Big Mac.


Anonymous said...

whino, stolo, parier, tortest - Brilliant!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I wish I had some vocodimm right now.

Subby said...

Um...actually it's "shads", a'least in Southie. Bostonians only use 25 lettahs, of coahs!

Don' ge' me started on New Jersey...!

PattiKen said...

You mean a whino isn't that drunk guy with the big horn sticking out of his forehead who rammed my car last Saturday night? Then who the hell was that?

nonamedufus said...

I'd leave a comment but me and a bunch are pariers are just on our way out.

Janna said...

Grace: Hee! :) I think my favorites are Exosod, Chear, Vocodimm, and Shods

MikeWJ: Please share.

Subby: Clearly we have been listening to different Bostonians. :)

PattiKen: I think that was Mel Gibson.

nonamedufus: You should have a designated commenter, so the drunk ones don't have to put themselves in danger...