Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Jannapedia continues...

SATTE: When your sense of TASTE is all mixed up because you have a bad cold.

WIGHTIST: Someone who is prejudiced against wights.

NESTR: Terns who are really confused.

IRASE: Dont irase all the fun thingz I drew on your kar!

SNATFU: It started out as a snafu, but then even that got messed up....

PHOTION: A potion with a lot of photons in it. When you fart it launches a photon torpedo.

PRONAG: Someone who is really, really good at nagging.

THFHA: The sound made by two-year old turkey leftovers when they take their first sentient breath in your freezer.

BINGLY: When you get all tingly listening to recordings of Bing Crosby.

BRATHE: When you can multitask by breathing and bathing at the same time.

MOYEWR: A sound my cats make, which roughly translates to "Please invite some other cats over, so I can sniff their butts."

MENAR: (1) Ramen noodles that have been all stirred up. (2) Menar really lousy about leaving the toilet seat down.

DIONAL: A urinal decorated by light-emitting diodes.


Monkey Man said...

Fun stuff. I love "bingly" - that feeling you get when you find out something good on MS Bing.

Anonymous said...

I'm really liking: Snatfu, Pronag and Bingly

Monkey Man said...

Janna, I inlcuded your blog on my blog today. I have cursed you with one of those stupid meme chain letter type deals. Not trying to be mean, just think you would be good at it.

Janna said...

MonkeyMan: See how out-of-touch I am? I've never even heard of MS Bing. I have heard good things about fire and the wheel, though.

Grace: I think my favorites are Thfha and Brathe. :)

MonkeyMan: Wow... I haven't been meme-tagged in over a year! I feel a bit rusty.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Let there be light.

Marla said...

I am a pronag. Do I win something?

Janna said...

SansPantaloons: WOW. I had no clue.

Marla: I'll have to speak with the people you nag, to make sure you qualify...