Thursday, April 15, 2010

More additions to the Jannapedia

FLYZARD: A lizard with wings. Kinda like a dragon but small enough to fit in a burrito.

OVEST: A stove that is undergoing an identity crisis.

SUFLE: A souffle prepared by someone who can't spell.

UNRESS: The word "undress", which has already started to undress by removing the letter "D".

OREDRIN: Excedrin for people who live in Oregon.

CLAWN: A prawn dressed up in a clown outfit.

RESTRAN: Nine blondes ran into a bar; the restran through the door.

GLENTAIN: When you've contained Glen in a room all by himself because he won't stop talking about Tiger Woods.

BOTOM: When Tom invented a slightly cheaper version of Botox, but no one would buy it because he was actually a mechanic who had never been to medical school.

WALIN: When Sarah Palin starts wailing about something, and everyone instinctively puts their hands over their ears.

SPANDIS: Mythological Greek character who wore nothing but spandex, and was eventually killed by Odysseus for being tacky.

DOGNES: If Dilbert's dog is named Dogbert, then this must be the name of Agnes's dog.

SNOMERSE: To completely immerse yourself in snow because you slipped and fell while shoveling the driveway.


Marla said...

FLYZARD: A lizard with wings. Kinda like a dragon but small enough to fit in a burrito.

This is my greatest fear when eating off a taco truck.

Marilyn said...

Spandis is my favorite one... I've been reading through the Lightning Thief books.

Monkey Man said...

These are great. We have some of the same inspiration - HERE is an old post of mine on the4 same theme. I still save a few choice verification words but haven't done another post on them...yet.

Buzzard said...

I love the way your mind translates the obvious.

Janna said...

Marla: That and the parasite eggs!

Marilyn: Oooh, never heard of the Lightning Thief books. Interesting...

MonkeyMan: Great (or warped) minds think alike!

Buzzard: I try! :o