Monday, January 18, 2010

Salsariffic Screams of Splendor

Awhile back, I blogged about the most incredible salsa in the history of the universe: Garden Fresh Gourmet's Artichoke Garlic Salsa. It wasn't hot by any stretch of the imagination, but it had the most amazing fresh garlic flavor.
I had some more today.
It was so delicious, angels wept.
Though they might have been weeping because my garlic breath was so bad afterward.

Anyway, that same company makes a "screaming hot" version.
Despite repeated searches in all the local stores, I'd been unable to find the "screaming hot" one...
Until today.

Yes! It exists and it's right here next to me. I'm going to try it for the very first time in just a few moments, and then I'll let you know whether it's actually hot.


**drum roll**

**dipping tortilla chip**

**eating chip**

Wow, this is really good.
I taste some habanero in it, which is always a good thing.
I think it certainly falls within the acceptable range of "hot", though I don't know about "SCREAMING hot". I'll save that category for the times when I eat raw habaneros just for the fun of it. :)

Overall, very good. I'll probably be buying it again. And I KNOW I'll be buying the artichoke-garlic variety again.

This is NOT a paid post, and the company has no clue I exist. I just felt the need to blog about them, since they make such good stuff.


Marilyn said...

Yay. I will keep an eye out for it.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

As an official representative of Garden Fresh Gourmet's Artichoke Garlic and Artichoke Garlic Screaming Hot salas, I'd like to thank you for your endorsement of our fine product. You'll be receiving a free case or two in the mail. Also, because of your negative reference to our product making your breath so foul that angels are weeping, you'll be hearing from our lawyers. Life's like that, you know: Sunrise, sunset.

Janna said...

Marilyn: I highly recommend it.

MikeWJ: LOL. Such is life. Hopefully it will go well with prison food. :)