Saturday, December 5, 2009

And the air smells so much fresher now

I've been getting increasingly annoyed with Entrecard these past few months, so today I deleted it from the Jannaverse and Jantics. Sorry if this inconveniences any of you out there who were ultra-dedicated droppers.
It's still over on Jantrails, for the time being.



Carl Vine said...


I haven't cancelled my account yet, but I've dropped their widget to the bottom of my blog and will wait for the advertisers to dwindle before deleting.

What a waste of time!

There was a small amount of traffic-of-value and a huge amount of non-reading, "stop to drop" traffic. Who cares! Particularly when the effort (or for some expense) of securing ad space results in ads that may or may not show up on any given visit to a site.

I think it was the "Free Xmas Cookbook" that pushed me over the edge.

Congratulations on your freedom!

Nessa said...


Santa Cartoon Riddle

Janna said...

CarlVine: I got annoyed with all the ads that kept showing up when I didn't approve them. And all the changes that kept making things more irritating. First there were no paid ads. Then they add paid ads, telling us we have control over them when we really don't. Then they say they're finally doing away with the ads. But then they're back, even if they are in a slightly different way. First we couldn't cash in our EC. Then they said we could. Many people tried but never got their money. Then they decide to cancel the cash-for-EC program. Oh, they'll still SELL EC, because then it's YOUR money in THEIR pocket. But God forbid it should be the other way around. I never got around to even trying to cash in my EC (around 20,000), so I'll never know what I might have made. Honestly, I wasn't even in it for the money. I wanted more exposure in the blogosphere. I wanted to get my blog advertised out there and bring in more traffic. Bah. It doesn't seem to have done much for me in that respect. With all the things that annoy me, and very little to attract me, I just figured it was best for me to say goodbye.

Nessa: Ok! :)

MoreGames,Software and Gadged Review said...

yes i have try entrecard but its not work

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I don't even know what it is. I'm an idiot.

Janna said...

MGSGR: I'm glad to have it gone too. :)

MikeWJ: It's ok. You're not missing much. Basically it's just another of those traffic-building gimmicks. It started out pretty cool, but then the owners got greedy and tried monetizing it, which made everything fall apart, IMHO.

Marilyn said...

I gave up on it a while ago and seeing it still up here made me wonder if they'd fixed things. I wish they had, because it was fun in the beginning.

Janna said...

Marilyn: I agree! It was fun in the beginning! :)