Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twitters from days gone by

S..l..o.w..l...y.... c.r....a...w...l....i..n....g.. the Internet at 33.6K. Go on. Shoot me.
8:14 PM Dec 22nd, 2008

I wish snow tasted like raspberries.
12:37 AM Dec 23rd, 2008

Conducting an experiment to see if eating chocolate chip cookies will make the freezing rain go away.
9:03 PM Dec 23rd, 2008

Full of Chinese food, which apparently gives me ultra-uber-mondo-prolific gas. Go figure.
10:32 PM Dec 24th, 2008

Going to lay in bed and make up words to go along with the deafening silence. Unless that would ruin the deafening silence.
12:16 AM Dec 27th, 2008

Ow. Aagcccgghh. It feels like Katie Couric is mashing potatoes in my brain.
4:16 PM Dec 27th, 2008

Considering the possibility of putting clothes on and going to Taco Bell. Hopefully in that order.
10:36 PM Jan 2nd

Hey, now that I'm old and senile, wanna trade dentures? I'll even wipe mine off first, if you want.
7:08 PM Jan 11th

Hooray for green nail polish with pink dots! Looks like a hideous disease. I love it!
11:23 AM Jan 13th

So thirsty I could drink gravel. Hey, wait... Maybe that's the problem...
3:48 PM Jan 14th


Marilyn said...

If snow just tasted like cheese... that'd be good. Well, except it would taste like frozen cheese and when it was all melted it'd be like water.

Yep, raspberries would probably work out better.

Marla said...

Ok, these make me want to Twitter or Tweet or whatever it is that people do to get these crazy thoughts from you. Too funny!

Nessa said...

Your tweets are way more interesting than mine.

Sunny Sunday #7 - Say a Sunny Thank-You

It's Sunday - Do You Know Where You Are?

Elizabeth said...

Ahh, that's who's mashing potatoes in my brain. I thought it was Ann Curry.

Collette said...

As long as it's not Martha Stewart mashing the potatoes!!!

Jeff said...

You should try yellow snow. I hear it tastes like lemonade!

Janna said...

Marilyn: I love that you took the time to work out the possibilities, though. :)

Marla: Twittering is a fun way to waste time. I highly recommend it.

Nessa: I try! :)

Elizabeth: It's easy to get the two confused during the mashing process.

Colette: Agreed!

Jeff: I'm thirsty but not quite exactly THAT thirsty. :o

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I wish snow was like money and that I lived in a snowy state like you (Colorado's really only snowy in the mountains, which are about an hour away from me).

P.S. -- Never go to Taco Bell naked. Just trust me on this one, OK? No Gordita is worth that amount of trouble.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: So you're saying it would be a BAD idea if I sat naked at Taco Bell for a couple hours eating bean burritos with fire sauce?