Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things the letters DRAT could stand for

1. Donuts Really Are Tasty
2. Distance Runners Always Trip
3. Daring Renegades, Anxiously Terminated
4. Debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis = Troubling
5. Does Randy Always Toot?
6. Dry Raisins And Tuna
7. Domesticated Rhinoceroses Aren't Temperamental
8. Drunk Rum And Tequila
9. Dust, Ragweed: Allergy Triggers
10. Dirty Rotten Airport Terminals


Marla said...

Dastardly Relatives At Thanksgiving

Nessa said...

I like 8 best.

Dang, Run Away Train.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey Butt

Marilyn said...

I want a domesticated rhinoceros for Christmas.

Lidian said...

Dreary Rather Annoying Tuesday

Janna said...

Marla: Democrats, Republicans, And Triceratops

Nessa: I think my favorites are #5 and #6. :)

Marilyn: I wonder what they eat?

Lidian: Dublin, Rome, Athens, Timbuktu

Jeff said...

Don't Ruin A Thrill
Democrats, Republicans Argue Taxes
Daily Rumblings And Thunder

Jeff said...

Deranged Rabbits Are Terrifying!
Doing Really Active Things
Dumb Robots Against Technology

Janna said...

Jeff: Oooh, good ones!
Diligence Requires Always Trying
Dennis Rode Around Tennessee
Dentists Really Adore Teeth

Jeff said...

Why do I find these so entertaining?

Doing Regular Anagrams Today

Janna said...

Jeff: Hee! :)
Drivers Rage Around Traffic
Delicious Roasted Armadillo Toes
Don't Roam Awkwardly Tonight