Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seven things that are more fun than taking out the garbage

1. Watching a squirrel try to tap dance
2. Staring at the wall for three hours
3. Eating broccoli
4. Wondering how many alligators are in Florida sewers
5. Counting the hairs on your big toe
6. Wondering if orange marmalade would taste good on chocolate ice cream
7. Realizing that you probably shouldn't have admitted you have hairs on your big toe


Daniel Knight said...

I'll be right back. I have to run to the store for orange marmalade and chocolate ice cream.

Sounds yummy, actually.

Anonymous said...

1. that is pretty funny!
2. only two hours for me
3. with cheese sauce, of course
4. Florida has sewers? I thought they just pipe-lined it all to the everglades...ew.
5. 43, give or take a few
6. It doesn't. Trust me on that. but peach preserves do :p
7. OOPS!

a) watching clouds pass by
b) reading
c) 'net surfin'
d) doing laundry

VE said...

I'm thinking there's only one really fun one...that's putting it in a big box, having the postman pick it up and then having it delivered to your obnoxious neighbor anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I say YES to #6...but never grape - ewww!

Antelope said...

I also vote yes on #6.

And have hairs on my big toe. Are there people who don't?

Jeff said...

How did you arrive at 7 and not 6 or 8? And why do you have a tiny black pixel dot on the bottom left corner of your posts?

Janna said...

DanielKnight: It does sound pretty good, doesn't it? I love chocolate-orange combinations.

2. I bet you could work your way up to three hours if you tried hard enough.
3. Broccoli is yummy with cheese sauce! It's also good in a spicy stir-fry or raw in a salad.
5. If only you had 42 instead of 43, you could have the answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything. Better pluck one out.
6. You've tried it?

VE: I'd have to remember not to have my name on anything I threw away...

Grace: I agree.
Grape + Chocolate = Ewwww.

Antelope: I worried that "real" women don't have hairy toes. I'm relieved if the truth is otherwise!

Jeff: Congratulations on being the first person to notice the black pixel dot! I put it there for an extra space so the posts don't look all crammed together next to the comment link thingy.
If only there was a prize I could award you...

Anonymous said...

Janna, mmmmm....spicy stir-fry :p yeah...a long time ago. That was when I found I had no liking for orange marmalade...

Janna said...

Subtorp: I love orange marmalade. This may be TMI, but I love mixing it with barbecue sauce and dipping chicken nuggets into it. (!!!)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Call Ben & Jerry's! Also, now I'm staring at my wall wondering if broccoli and orange marmelade might be good. Not with hairy toes, though. Nothing goes with hairy toes. They should never be discussed openly. They are those things to which we never refer.

Jeff said...

I should have realized that. I put a row of asterisks in the same spot for the same reason. I guess great minds and all that.

Anonymous said...

Janna, you ever try mayo on your fries? Dee-lish!And really, what doesn't go good on chicken nuggets? :p

Marilyn said...

I'd rather take out the garbage than do #3... but orange marmalade is good on chocolate ice cream.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: The only way I can imagine broccoli working with orange marmelade is in a citrus chicken stir-fry. The marmalade could be part of the glazing sauce. It would need some soy sauce and garlic, and maybe some ginger...

Jeff: We're, like, geniuses or something! :)

Subtorp: Eeeeeew. I have known people who like dipping fries in mayo, or a mix of ketchup and mayo. They swear it's yummy, but I just can't stand the thought of it. Mostly because I hate mayo. :)

Marilyn: It is? Really? Now I have to try it, and do a blog post on it... :)