Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thirteen reasons I'm going to bed early tonight

1. It's easier to ignore the laundry that way

2. Increased possibility of dreaming of Johnny Depp

3. Maybe while I'm asleep someone will break in and start vacuuming

4. Katie Couric will never find me there

5. If I stay awake, I'll just eat all the chocolate. (I forget why this is a bad thing....)

6. Procrastinating about learning Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

7. I've lost my zest for life after learning Brussels sprouts still exist

8. Trying to follow my cats' example

9. Too exhausted after searching for common sense in the world

10. Snoring burns calories... I think.

11. I have the social life of a turnip

12. Waiting for gas prices to go down again

13. If I talk in my sleep, maybe I can tell myself when I'm going to have to get up to pee.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, #5 doesn't make any sense at all

Da Old Man said...

Did you eat the chocolate? Is there any left?
Can I have it?

whall said...

You're up to P already?!?!!? I'm just on G!

Me-Me King said...

Isn't great that more than one can dream about Johnny Depp at the same time?!? Yo-ho.

VE said...

Ha! Good ones...

Don't worry about that Theory of Relativity thing. First of all, it's just a theory. Secondly, who really wants to know more about relatives?

Janna said...

Grace: I'm still puzzled too.

DaOldMan: Maybe after I buy some we can share. Maybe. :)

Whall: When you get to "T", be sure to try the sweet kind with lemon.

MeMeKing: Yo Ho!

VE: Can I learn about your relatives instead?