Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes, I am a Weedner

Thirteen things to add to The Jannapedia:
(anti-spam "words" from Blogger, with my own definitions)

The kind of wood Martians prefer for all their interior decorating.

EPAIN: Having your heart broken by someone you met online. Dating sites see a lot of this.

WARGET: When shopping at Target is a less-than-peaceful experience.

OUTIN: Well, make up your mind!

SCRING: The facial expression you make when you realize (too late) that the milk has expired.

UNISM: A pithy saying from a unicorn.

DESSALT: Please pass dessalt. And depepper.

SWARA: Ah swara didn't know she was under 18!

SIONI: "Illinois" spelled backward, with the first three letters missing. Is it in the witness protection program? If so, I probably just ruined the whole thing.

WEEDNER: A really bad gardener.

DECAT: The kind of coffee that felines prefer. (Hey, they're hyper enough as it is.)

EVERSUB: 1. The substitute teacher that never goes away 2. Those super long party subs that cover an entire table.

RAPPLIZE: That moment when you realize you're listening to rap music and start to cringe.


whall said...

I really enjoy these posts. A lot.

So, like janku, I'm not only your biggest fan, I'm ___________ (fill in blanks)

Anonymous said...

Those were exceptional. I particularly like "epain" These could all be "real" words

VE said...

The Jannaverse dictionary is THE only dictionary I use!

The Hussy Housewife said...

Great words. I love making up my own words too. Love warget..I don't have one is more like warmart for me.

dani said...

or walmart for me ....

Janna said...

Whall: At least people seem to like the Jannapedia a lot better than the Janku!
Oh, and to fill in the blank, let's see.... I'll guess
(a) alive
(b) willing to send breakfast tacos
(c) from this planet

BroadwayMatron: E-pain was something that rang true for me as well.

VE: Excellent! You do realize you have to pay me for each word you use, right?

TheHussyHousewife: We have a WarMart nearby here too. In fact, WarMart is closer than Warget!

Dani: That too!

ettarose said...

I especially like when the words match the topic that has been posted. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's pretty cool.

moooooog35 said...

Can we get "Mooge" on the list?

Moog + spooge = Mooge.

Wikipedia has pretty much banned me.

Thanks in advance.

Chica said...

I want you to make a book of this stuff right now...! lol

Janna said...

Ettarose: Match the... you mean when I include one of the Jannapedia words in the post's subject line?

Moog: As soon as I get mooge as an anti-spam word, I'll keep that in mind! :)

Chica: How many copies would you buy?