Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of course, Victor always was a little strange

Last week Marilyn did a post about the VLT in the European Southern Labaratory.
It turns out that VLT is a real acronym used by astronomers.... it stands for "Very Large Telescope."
This amuses me.

Here are 10 other things the letters VLT could stand for:

1. Vampires Like Transylvania
2. Valerie Looked Trashy
3. Vikings Love Thor!
4. Vitamin-Laced Turnips
5. Virtual Lollipop Technology
6. Vegetarians Like Tofu
7. Vehement Loathsome Troll
8. Very Little Training
9. Voluptuous Luscious Torte
10. Victor Licks Tacos


whall said...

The vikings one wouldn't be the same without the exclamation mark.

I'm down with VLT
(yeah, you know me!)

Video-Like Trailer
"Vanquish" Lice Treatment
Veterans Liberate Tormented
Vermin-Laden Turkey (mmmm!)

Giggle Pixie said...

Victor licks tacos? What's so strange about that?

Oh...wait...never mind.

Janna said...

(Janna says: OMG!!! Only two comments all day? Wow! It wasn't THAT bad of a post, was it???)

Whall: Thank you for noticing the exclamation mark! :) I think I had some vermin-laden turkey a couple weeks ago. (I don't recommend it.)

GigglePixie: Hee! :)

Marilyn said...

Are virtual lollipops sugar-free.

Very Little Training= My blogging credentials.

Thank you for the plug. I missed today's science all week post. It's turning into Science Most of the Week.

Janna said...

Marilyn: Even science MOST of the week is still better than no science at all. :)