Sunday, January 18, 2009

I dreamed I was Carrot Top's girlfriend


I dreamed I had a crush on Carrot Top. I'd go to his shows and admire him from afar until one night when I got on stage with him. He was using some cute little teddy bear as a comedy prop, and I reached out and took the bear.
The audience didn't seem to mind; they must've thought it was pre-planned.
Mr. Carrot said he'd like me to give back the bear, please. I leaned in and whispered something witty and provocative in his ear. (I wish I could remember what it was. All I remember is that it was flirty sizzly hot.)
Then I took another prop of his, which was a gold ring similar to the Lord Of The Rings thing.
He wasn't particularly interested in me, but wasn't rude either.

A few nights later I felt guilty about stealing his bear and ring, so I decided I'd return the items to him. I camped outside his apartment/house like a good little stalker, and waited for him to come out.

When he did, I gave him the bear and the ring.

He seemed so touched by my gesture.... and paused to think for a moment.

"Well," he said, "Since my wife died a few days ago, I guess I could have dinner with you tomorrow. Not tonight, though. I've already had dinner."
Without even pausing to think about the creepy "wife-dying" thing, I accepted his invitation, and we were boyfriend & girlfriend from that moment on.


Note: Incidentally, I DID meet Carrot Top in person once, many years ago. He did a show at Adrian College. I got to sit right in front with my friend who, coincidentally, DID have a major crush on Carrot Top.
Somewhere I have a t-shirt he autographed.
No teddy bears, though.


whall said...

I'm pretty sure what you whispered in his ear was something like...

One eight hundred call a t t or just push my buttons instead.

metalmom said...

Only you would not be bothered by the "wife dying" thing! LOL

dizzblnd said...

I love to try to interpret peoples dreams... but this one has me puzzled.

Stop eating spicy foods before you

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. Someone needs some serious therapy. :)

Giggle Pixie said...

Lucky you that you chose to flirt with him RIGHT after his wife had died! LOL

Da Old Man said...

Carrot Top? Carrot Top?

That should be considered a nightmare, not a dream.

He's rather, uhhmm, different.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Please tell me this was pre-buff Carrot Top, because that is the only way this dream is going to not make me want to throw-up. (Not that it would be that much better, it's just not bad enough to waste perfectly good food over.)

Janna said...

Whall: LOL! No, it was juicier than that...

Metalmom: Hey! I assure you, in real life, that WOULD have creeped me out. For some reason, the dreamworld Janna just took it all in stride.

Dizzblnd: Or I could eat MORE spicy stuff and just enjoy the show! :)

UnfinishedRambler: I always suspected... :)

GigglePixie: Perfect timing, huh?

DaOldMan: Different indeed! :)

Gwen: I wish I could remember!

Bear said...

You'd have been better off keeping the bear. Believe me, I know.

Janna said...

Bear: You may be right!