Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things the letters ELF could stand for

1) Everybody Looks Flatulent
2) Environmentalists Love Falafel
3) Einstein Learned Fractions
4) Every Llama Fantasizes
5) Eat Lopsided Fritters
6) Embarrassed, Leonard Froze
7) Eccentric Ladies First
8) Excited Lawn Furniture
9) Eternity = Long Future
10) Expect Lewd Flashing


Lynda said...

Excellent List Fun!

Morgiana Le Fey said...

I wonder what lawn furniture would do when excited...

Da Old Man said...

Tough to pick a favorite.

Trukindog said...

Enemas Look Frightening

whall said...

Ennyone Lewses Foneticality
Each Luscious Fruit

and my favorite...


Janna said...

Lynda: Excellent? Wow, I was only aiming for mediocre. Cool!

Morgian: Just to be safe, bring a towel.

DaOldMan: My favorite is the one about the Llamas. Then again, there's much to be said about lewd flashing....

Trukindog: They certainly do!

Whall: Elfish what?

Travis said...

Elves Love Forests

Enjoy Lavish Food

Janna said...

Eagles Love Fish
Envoys Leak Fuel
Empty Lap Fumigation