Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Various Thoughts

1. If brownies could sneeze, would the snot look like hot fudge?

2. What color should I wear on Friday: Pink or Green? Cast your vote in the comments.

3. If you had an embarrassing itch, would you scratch it in public if you thought no one else was watching?

4. Is it wrong that I'm craving brownies with hot fudge now?


whall said...

1) Fuddrucker's makes some awesome brownies with cream cheese icing. Just sayin'
3) I have
4) 'snot.

Travis said...

1. I think the more pressing question is would the snot have nuts in it. Ouch!

2. Green.

3. Done it!

4. It's not wrong. Brownies are like CAKE, and it's always a good time for CAKE!

Meloncutter said...


1. Check and see if they are little male brownies with little male thingies and little busy male brownie hands. That might not be snot.

2. Bright titty pink with little green designs in it. Get the best of both.

3. I live to scratch.

4. You cant go wrong with brownies. No matter what runs out of them.

Later Y'all.

rachel said...

1. Depends - they could be blondies then there is no hot fudge
2. Green
3 Yep
4 nope

Bear said...

First up Janna, thanks so much for trawling your way through posts of mine so old that I had managed to expunge them from my memory... only to be brought back into a horridly sharp focus because of your commenting on them.

1. Well if that's snot then what does their poop look like?

2. Both.

3. I'm male, Janna, there are no embarrassing itches.

4. As long as the brownies aren't suffering the 'runs'.

Wayne said...

1. where do you come up with some of this? ;-)
2. What bear said.
3. What bear said again.
4. There's a local baker here that makes brownie bread. OMG! You should try it!

Giggle Pixie said...

1. Not if they're peanut butter brownies. Then they might sneeze peanut butter.
2. Green.
3. Depends where that itch is located, and whether the people around me are strangers or people I know. :-)
4. Nope. No one can withstand the temptation of a brownie. Don't feel bad.

Steven said...

1. Yes and yum
2. Green
3. Yes, even if people were watching
4. No...and I'm feeling a need to scratch myself.

Marilyn said...


Faiqa said...

1. Other people have already answered this way better than I can.
2. GREEN is the new pink.
3. No. I'm so repressed, I would rather explode than be caught scratching anything inappropriate.
4. A well made brownie is crack for the soul.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

janna...i love you dearly, but if you keep sending me clown pictures, i'll make sure you never, EVER get hot fudge OR brownies again in you lifetime.

in other news...green.

xup said...

1. no 2. Pink 3. Yes 4. No

Da Old Man said...

1. Yes
2. Pink is kind of gurlie. So, it would work for you, being a gurl and all. Green is nice, too. If you are not 100% over your cold, go with the green. Just sayin'
3. Like I haven't done that before.
4. Not wrong at all. Unless the hot fudge is pistacchio green colored.

Gwenhwyfar said...

1. Hot fudge is definitely brownie spooge.

2. Green

3. I'd probably go for it only to notice some wicked hot guy watching me after I'd done it and then have to retreat quickly.

4. No.

Janna said...

Whall: I have to admit, I've never been to a Fuddruckers, but it sure is fun to say over and over again. :)

Travis: I like the really gooey chewy dense brownies with fudgy chocolate chunks in them.

Meloncutter: "Titty pink"??? For some reason I don't remember seeing that color in my Crayola box...

Rachel: I hadn't thought about blondies... I guess I don't consider those to be "real" brownies. 'Cuz they're not brown. :)

Bear: Is there NOWHERE that guys are embarrassed to scratch? Nowhere at all?

Wayne: Ooooh! Brownie bread??!!

GigglePixie: Peanut butter brownies sound good too! :)

Steve: Hey, wait a minute... have you ever scratched while I was there watching? I don't seem to recall...

Marilyn: What about the color I should wear on Friday?

Faiqa: "Crack for the soul"... I love it! :)

Morgian: You never fail to intrigue me...

Xup: Thank you! :) Want a brownie?

DaOldMan: I am completely over my cold, thank goodness! :)

Gwen: On the bright side, at least you would have given him something interesting to blog about that day.

Marilyn said...

Yes. Green or pink. That's good.

Janna said...

Marilyn: You're in luck, then! I will be wearing one of the two. :)