Sunday, November 2, 2008

The other dimensions must hate music

This week I wrote a brass quintet (3 Trumpets, 2 F-horns). I'm hoping we get to try it next Tuesday at band. In the process, I discovered that for some reason my music notation software crashes every time I try to insert text onto the page.

How strange. It's never done this before in all the years I've had it. What happened?

I don't know what the problem is, other than the usual suspicions of interdimensional beings throwing invisible pieces of silverware into the hard drive. They do that whenever they get bored. Whenever I visit their home dimension I do the same thing to them.
They're convinced I started it-- But really, with time travel these days, who can be sure of who started what anymore?

Where was I?
Oh, yes. My music software crashes whenever I try adding text. Because of this odd glitch, I'm unable to add a title to the music. I'm also unable to add the name of the instrumental parts (e.g. Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, etc). So it just looks like nine pages of music notes.
I know there are better notation programs out there (Finale and Sibelius, for example), but I have no idea how to use them, and I certainly can't even come close to affording them.

So unless I can figure out why the software suddenly decided to start crashing after all these years, I'm going to have to write all the words by hand.
Hopefully people will see it as some version of being charmingly eccentric ("How quaint! She probably believes in interdimensional beings too! Look, is that a spork in her hard drive?")


whall said...

That really sucks! I know how it feels to work on something and then some small glitch makes the final result *just* out of reach or distorted/unavailable in some way.

Does the software you use come with support or have forums? Maybe if you watch the forums you can find these extradimensional bneings and troll for a while.

Da Old Man said...

I always knew sporks had to be created by extraterrestial beings. They are just so creative.
I also find sporks much more practical than the utili-tensil knork.

Travis said...

Maybe you need a music & lyrics software?


Janna said...

Whall: No support, no forums. Sigh.

DaOldMan: So, is a "buffoon" a combination of a fork and spoon that's used at a buffet?

Travis: That's just the problem! This IS music and lyrics software! And it used to work just fine... Ack. Can I have $650.00 to buy something better? Like Finale software, and maybe a couple tacos for lunch?