Thursday, November 13, 2008

Firehouse, Schmirehouse

Wednesday night I had a bowl of chili for dinner.
Specifically, Campbell's Chunky "Firehouse" chili.
With a name like "Firehouse," I had hoped it would be hot.

I would like to state, for the record, that it is so wussily mild you could probably smear it on all your mucus membranes and not feel a thing.

Along with them, I tried Fritos "Spicy Jalapeno" corn chips.
I can sum those up in one word: Blah.

I guess if I want a bowl of chili that really qualifies as "HOT", I have to make it myself.

And I will, just as soon as the Hazardous Waste permits come in.


Faiqa said...

Finally. Somebody willing to expose Campbell's Chunky whatchamacallit to the world. You know what I do? I heat about half a Tbsp of cooking oil, put a tsp (or more) of cayenne and fry for about a second and THEN add the chili. Beats the heck out of making your own chili. And this concludes the Faiqa Food Network Guest Post on your blog. ;) Sorry.

whall said...

So this thing is SUPPOSED to be hot and chunky? LET ME AT IT!!!!!

(except the hot part)

Bear said...

'Hazardous Waste' permits... either you're one hot cook Janna, or you're just very bad at it. :)

Meloncutter said...

First of all, Canned chili is just like canned weenies. Sucks. I make my own chili. I usually make about 4 gallons at a shot and cook it all day.

The amount of beans in the chili is directly proportionate to the amount of gas that I desire for the following few days. The amount of "seasoning" heat I put into it directly influences the odor of the flatulence I desire.

Depending on the mood I am in, or the mood everyone around me is in, I use various forms of chili as either an offensive or defensive system.

Try it.

Later Y'all.

Giggle Pixie said...

CRAP! I was seriously thinking about picking up some of the jalapeno Doritos, too! I could just taste them in my mouth, burning all the way down...yum!

Now that dream is gone. Thanks for trying them out for me and letting me know.

I'll just sit over here and cry awhile.

Marilyn said...

Giggle: Janna's idea of bland is not the same as the rest of humanity. She said buffalo wings pringles were bland and we really liked them. They were not "burn your mouth and go running for some water" hot but they were pleasantly spicy.

Bland is in the eye of the beholder. Still, any canned chili is not as good as homemade.

Da Old Man said...

I hate canned chili, so I won't try it anyway, but I am intrigued and a bit frightened by the prospects of your home made version.

Janna said...

Faiqa: I love your suggestion! It'd be fun to fry up some habaneros in oil too. Just imagine! Yum!

Whall: If all you like is the "Chunky" part, you could always just have a dish of fruit cocktail.

Bear: I love HOT things! The hotter the better!

Meloncutter: I admire your dedication. (!!!)

GigglePixie: No, no, no, I didn't try the Jalapeno Doritos here, it was the Jalapeno Fritos. Corn chips. Not tortilla chips. So go ahead and try them! There's still hope!

Marilyn: Buffalo Pringles? Pleasantly spicy?? Surely you must be joking. :)

DaOldMan: My homemade chili can burn a hole in the bottom of the bowl. That's why it's important to eat it quickly. ;)

Kyle McHattie said...

I like the firehouse chili. And it is not spicy :) I just start with it. Then I add the ingredients to make it hot. You should try mine sometime. It creeps up on ya slowly. So by the time your eyes start to water, it's too late to call the fire department :)

Janna said...

Kyle: I liked it too; it just wasn't very hot. The flavor was decent, and I may buy it again. I'll just have to remember to add something else to it. :)
You should DEFINITELY make a pot of your chili for ABC group sometime.