Sunday, September 14, 2008

Get ready for the carnival on Monday!

As all the Manic Monday Minions should know by now, there's going to be a carnival on Monday while Morgen is away on his beach babe blogger bash.
(Wow, look at all the alliteration I just did in that sentence...)

Anyway, I've been chosen to host the carnival. Imagine that! :)

This means that if you're a participant in Manic Monday, all you have to do is send me the link to a Manic Monday post you did. Doesn't matter whether it was one you just typed last week or last year. Just sort through your blog and pick one you especially liked.
I'll be including all those posts here on Monday, so you can browse through them and read what the other Manic Monday Minions have been saying all this time.

So far, the following people have sent me posts for the carnival:

Barb (WillThink4Wine)
Mary (The Teach)
Winter of Discontent
Tiel Aisha Ansari
Crazy Working Mom

If you sent me something, but don't see your name on that list, I didn't get it. Please re-send it to me at my gmail address. (jannaverse at gmail dot com). I'm using that address instead of my usual one, because my ISP has been bouncing things back to some people.

I'll probably put up the post early (Sunday evening), just so you can have more time to come read through everything.

See you then!


whall said...

I've never done a Manic Monday post.

That is all.

Desert Songbird said...

Do you want the actual post sent in the e-mail, or just the link to the post? If you just want the link, should I re-post the old post into a new post, or would you rather have the "original" link?

xup said...

I want to participate, I really do, but I don't know what this Manic Monday carnival thing is. I like carnivals, though...

Janna said...

Whall: Ok! You can just sit back and watch, then. :)

DesertSongbird: Just send the link to your original post.

Xup: Manic Monday is fun! Every week there's a different theme, and you do a post that somehow involves that theme. A carnival happens maybe once a year, where people showcase their favorite MM posts.