Saturday, July 12, 2008

We must rise up and demand our cream filling!

Have you ever noticed how food doesn't look the same as the picture on the package?
The picture makes it look pretty good-- at least good enough for you to seriously consider buying it. But when it's opened up and examined in the privacy of your own home, the ugly truth is revealed.
And THIS website captures it in side-by-side picture comparisons.
Of course, it's in German, so I can't understand what the heck any of it is saying, but still. The pictures say it all.
Here are two examples.

The first one makes me want to scream "WHERE IS THE REST OF THE FILLING???!!!"
The second one just kind of makes me feel sick.

Go check out the site. I am totally fascinated by it. And here's an article about the site.
Some of the foods actually DO resemble the pictures on the packages.
Others, though.... (**shudder**)


whall said...

Seems a good market for the dating scene as well.

Picture of person at the bar where you picked them up: (pic)

Picture the next morning: (pic)

Pipper said...

Too funny!!! I have thought the same thing many of times! I make something and it looks nothing like what the package showed. I'm like, "What the hell?!?" It's like when to get your hair cut and they do this amazing job with your hair that can NEVER be recreated at home with your own blow dryer :-)

Janna said...

Whall: Within two months, no one would be going to bars at all.

Pipper: Exactly!

Evil Genius said...

I saw this exact phenomenon today at the grocery store when I went running towards the Oreos in the cookie aisle because I saw a sale sign below them (okay, so I'm CHEAP! Get over it!) Anyway, I noticed that even the double stuffs that always look so "stuffed" on the package and in the ads just aren't all that stuffed anymore. Just one more thing that sucks.

Travis said...

I submit that curry is not the type of food that should be freeze dried for later re-heating.

Janna said...

EvilGenius: Aww! Really? What a dirty trick. I like the double-stuffed oreos once in awhile, dunked in milk. It's rotten of them to skimp on the filling, since it's the best part. :)

Travis: I wholeheartedly agree.

Mo said...

the first set of pics makes me want those devilsfood snack cakes with the cream filling...
the second is just nasty - curry is nasty and the "after" shot looks like someone scraped it out of a diaper...

Janna said...

Morgen: I want the chocolate cakes too, but I want the one in the left picture with all the filling! :)

Grumpus said...

Evil Genius, funny you mention it because the other day I encountered a "double" stuffed Oreo for the first time since grade school, at my bachelor brother's house, where such things as Oreos are part of the daily menu.

I had to demand the packaging to establish that they truly were marketing those sad, skimpy discs as "double" stuffed. (I can't stop using my quotation marks of derision!!) I remember something a lot more lush and decadent than the skimpy frosting of modern times.

Janna said...

Grumpus: Wow, I haven't bought "Double" stuffed oreos in a long time... I wonder if I'd notice the difference?