Monday, June 2, 2008

Manic Monday: Over

Today I learned the difference between "Sunny Side Up" and "Over Easy."
It's here on Wikipedia, in case you want to read up on it. There may be a test later.

I love eggs as long as they're fully cooked, so I guess my choice would be either hard-boiled, hard-poached, hard-fried, or scrambled.
Coincidentally, those terms have also been used to describe my brain.

I can't stand raw eggs or runny yolks, so I'd certainly hate "sunny side up".
I would, however, love to have this rug, which is in the shape of a fried egg with two cushions for yolks. It's designed by Valentina Audrito.



whall said...

I love me my scrambled eggs, but definitely prefer them to be runny. And an 'over medium' set of fried eggs is PERFECT with some heavily buttered toast.

'scuse me. gotta go get some eggs a-fryin'.

crazy working mom said...

That rug is too cool!

I like my eggs Over Easy. :)

Happy Manic Monday from CrAzY Working Mom.

anthonynorth said...

That's an eggstremely nice rug.
I used to love my eggs fried, but health matters turned them into scrambled.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

janna i can't decide if that rug looks like it has eyes or boobs but it's cute!

smiles, bee

the teach said...

Cool rug! With a pair! Those eggs are over easy! I have a funny video about over easy... :D

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I love my eggs over easy. I'd eat them raw if I could figure out how to get them on a fork. Just saying. I love the rug as well. Have a great MM. :)

Jamie said...

Still like poached for Eggs Benedict, but have moved to scrambled well done for everything else.

That rug needs antennae

The Flying Monkeys said...

I dont want my eggs with any running yolk, espcially on eggs benedict, I would rather have fried over HARD.

Come on over to my blog and check out whats going on, and whats OVER!

Meloncutter said...

Eggs make me fart.

Might have to go get a dozen.


Later Y'all.

Sandy M said...

Love over easy eggs, but always eat scrambled. Happy MM.

Cheerio said...

Oooh! Love those.

Padraigin said...

Ick..I like them scrambled well! lol

I dont like any yolk type products runny..heck , we raise chickens and I still buy my eggs at the sad am I? hahaha

Travis said...

But what to you dunk your toast in if you don't like the runny yolk in your fried eggs?

I'm very distressed by this new knowledge.'s quite worrisome that you won't have any yummy yolk to dunk your toast in.

And now I've just ended a sentence with a preposition. See how unsettled I am?

I need a moment.

grace said...

The rug looks yummy! ;-)

Marilyn said...

I love that rug but with the dog and the kid it'd be looking burned pretty quick.

Janna said...

Whall: Never fry eggs while naked... especially if there's bacon with it.

CWM: I know! The rug is awesome, isn't it? :)

Anthony: Scrambled is good too. Especially in breakfast burritos! :)

Bee: Can't be boobs. No nipples.

Teach: I think the rug is sunny side up, since it's only cooked on one side. According to Wikipedia, anyway.

Sandee: You could always just slurp up your raw eggs with a straw.

Jamie: Antennae? Do you have fried eggs with antennae often?

Flying Monkeys: I agree completely about the hard eggs. No runny goop for me!

Meloncutter: If you were to make a list of all the things that DON'T make you fart, I bet it would be a very short list. (some people say the same thing about me).

Sandy: Scrambled is good. The more I think about it, the more I am craving breakfast burritos.

Cheerio: Yay!

Padraigin: My mom and I are both the same way. We can't STAND runny egg yolks.

Travis: I prefer to get my toast-based cholesterol through mounds of butter instead.

Grace: I can almost hear it sizzling!

Marilyn: I thought rug burns were something else entirely....

Jasonblink said...

Raw eggs has salmonella so you really have to cook the eggs well..

Anyways please do visit my site

It is something you should know.. Thanks :-)

Janna said...

Jasonblink: Thank goodness I hate raw eggs, then, huh? :) I guess chicken can sometimes have it too. I promise to be careful!