Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thirteen Things I Haven't Done Yet In 2007

1. Learn to play the cello
2. Find buried treasure in my neighbor's yard
3. Subscribe to Pen World magazine
4. Ask strangers to smell my elbows
5. Travel to New Hampshire
6. Eat polar bear
7. Put any sort of clock on any of my walls
8. Fly a stealth bomber
9. Fall asleep on a raft
10. Die a slow agonizing death
11. Levitate
12. Find Bigfoot
13. Build an igloo

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Mr. Fabulous said...

Please tell me there isn't really a Pen World Magazine.

Mo said...

1. You already play so many instruments, and are so talented, you need to leave something for the other guys to play!
2. I'll bet he wonders why there are so many holes in his yard, though...
3. Pen Porn! And yes, Fab, there really is Pen Porn. Er, I mean Pen World Magazine.
4. But I know you've tried to lick your own elbow before.
5. Live Free Or Die!
6. Make sure you get zoo-raised Polar Bear. They're fed horse meat, so they're nice & tender & juicy. Wild Polar Bears eat seals, so they're a bit stringy and on the gamey side. Mmmmm... nothing like a zoo-raised Polar Bear brisket for Christmas morning!
7. Time, as Matt-man would say, is over-rated.
8. Maybe you could stealth a fly bomber.
9. Your pool isn't big enough for a raft. Especially since your "pool" is actually the holes you dug in the neighbors' yard while searching for buried treasure.
10. Well, for this one I am rather glad.
11. At least not when awake, eh?
12. Thank Lurlene!
13. I'll have to get you one of those Igloo block makers (I saw one in a catalog). Igloos also double as hunting blinds for wild Polar Bear, you know. But wild Polar Bear really only is palatable in a crock pot, so I'd also have to get you the Crock Pot Cookery National Wildlife Federation Edition Cookbook.

Happy Thursday 13!

Travis said...

A few of those things are still doable you know. As for the rest, you've got a good start on next year's resolutions.

Marilyn said..., why no clocks?

Spooker said...

You haven't hugged me and kissed me and squeezed me all over.

Teri said...

I would like you to focus on #11 for 2008, please.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Ahh, but there IS. Click HERE.

Morgen: I'm afraid to ask who Lurlene is.

Travis: Do you think I can levitate sometime in the next few weeks? Here, just a sec... lemme try...

Marilyn: Apparently I am lazy. Who knew?

Spooker: You usually hate me too much for that! Are you having a change of heart?

Teri: OK! I'll get right on that! (At first I thought you meant #10!) (!!!)

Mo said...

Lurlene is the fairy goddess of Oz in the book "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire.
She is the pagan goddess, assisted at Lurlenemas by Prinella - a drag fairy who delivers presents.

Janna said...

Morgen: I wish drag fairies would bring ME presents. I bet their presents would be awesome.