Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Look what I got in the mail!

Today I got a package in the mail from Fab!
It contained three exciting things:

1) A penis bracelet
2) A camel toe ornament
3) An old license plate.

Allow me to further explain these three items.
(feel free to click on the pictures for a larger view)

First of all, if you're a fan of Fab, you know he likes making things out of Sculpey clay. One of his recent endeavors was making beaded charm bracelets where one of the beads was a penis. Here's a post where he shows four of them he made. I said I wanted the black-and-white one, and he sent it to me! Yaaay! I am wearing it right this very moment! The penis bead keeps wanting to stand straight up on my wrist, so it looks like.... well, you know.

Then Fab decided to make a few Christmas ornaments out of Sculpey. Here's the post where he displays them. Pay special attention to the "Holiday Toe" category, which contained "Mistletoe," "Hammer Toe," and, of course, "Camel Toe."
A few weeks ago he had a contest on his radio show. The contest was called "Guess what's in Mr. Fab's pants." He would put things in his pants, and if someone in the chat room could guess what it was, they got to pick one of the ornaments for themselves. I won one, and decided to choose the Camel Toe ornament. (Seriously, how could I possibly pass that up??)

And, finally, we have this.
This was Fab's actual license plate for a year or so. Here's the post where he talks about ordering it. For any of you who don't know Fab (*gasp!*), the name of his blog is "Pointless Drivel." Thus the plate.
Recently he got a new plate which says "MR FAB 1".
So, since that meant the "P DRIVEL" plate was now out of commission, I happened to mention that owning it would make me the happiest stalker on the planet. Thank you, Fab!

Wasn't that nice of him?
I swear, once he lifts that restraining order, I'm gonna drive right down there to Florida (possibly wearing adult diapers) and give him a great big hug.

What about YOU guys?
Have you done anything wonderful for YOUR stalker lately?


Mr. Fabulous said...

The reason I take good care of you is when the inevitable happens, and you show up on my doorstep to kill me, I hope you will remember my kindness and at least make it quick.

Turnbaby said...

My penis bracelet is doing the same thing! Hmmmm wonder if there is a spell on them or something;-)

Cincy Diva said...

I have no Stalker (sniffle) but you have an award at my blog. Have a great day!

Mo said...

Not many things in life make me speechless...
... and this ain't one of 'em!
Y'all are making' me giggle.

Robin said...

You are a much nicer stalker than the ones I've had.

metalmom said...

The one I stalk is getting a Christmas card. She sent me tissue!!!

Janna I could tissue..(wah wah)

Square1 said...

I have no stalkers, and i tend to think that's a good thing. One less person I have to go out of my way to be nice to. :P

Steven said...

Drat, I knew I should have acted more quickly on my penis bracelet concept.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Doorstep? Actually I was thinking of crawling in the bedroom window while you sleep. Would you rather be awake?

Turnbaby: Probably.

CincyDiva: LOL... First Steve and now you!! I must be nutty!

Morgen: It's fun to make you giggle.

Robin: Well, kindness is a virtue, you know. I think all stalkers should embrace that as their guiding philosophy. Like Fab said, when you kill someone, make it quick and relatively painless.

Metalmom: Yay! You got your tissue and TP! Have a joyous holiday season with those!

Square1: Good point.

Steve: You snooze, you lose...

Cindrarella said...

Wow! Fab LOVES you!

Janna said...

Cindra: I can only hope!

Robin said...

He's so wise.

Lynda said...

Don't try to fool us! You know you will be wearing those diapers!

Janna said...

Robin: If by "wise" you mean "unusually disturbed in unusual ways", then YES! I totally agree! Plus, he's funny, too! And he looks good in hats!

Lynda: I can neither confirm nor deny.