Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joy in a bowl

It's official.
I'm in some kind of phase where I really really like cereal.
Earlier this evening I was eating a bowl of Rice Krispies for my dinner, and it was so good I could swear I heard angels singing along with all the SnapCracklePopping.
The strange thing is that they were singing a commercial for a local used car dealership.
But I'm sure they meant well.
They're easily stressed out this time of year, you know.
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Mr. Fabulous said...

Maybe it is your way of telling you to trade your car in.

Robin said...

They are very's all the drugs they took in the 80's.

Steven said...

Did I ever tell you that I dated "Snap's" daughter in college? That's right, I dated the daughter of the man who was the voice for Snap in all of the commercials...was that some kind of early sign?

Square1 said...

Yes well, you know I must ask you if it was only milk that you put in those Rice Krispies, right?

Cindrarella said...

I go through those phases. Generally mine is Crispix, and it never sings to me, damn it. I hate commercials anyhow, so I s'pose it's just as well...

Lynda said...

I just don't like cereal.

I think it was lying to you.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: But I LIKE my car. Sort of.

Robin: Probably all the angel dust.

Steve: Can I have your autograph? Again?

Square1: Milk and TONS of LOVE, baby.

Cindra: You have to listen really close before you can hear them singing.

Lynda: Cereal NEVER lies! ..... (Does it?)

Travis said...

Cereal is great! Rice Krispies don't lie, but watch out for the Frosted Flakes.

Mo said...

I think I'm more amazed that Steven dated a girl than the fact that you are getting used car jingles from your cereal.

Janna said...

Travis: Oh, that's good, because I don't like Frosted Flakes anyway!

Morgen: Life is full of amazing things, isn't it?