Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm not obsessed I'm not obsessed I'm not obsessed

45 Anagrams for "Pointless Drivel"

1. Evil Old Spinster
2. Deliver Snot Lips
3. Silent Red Pelvis
4. Drip Less Violent
5. Pistol Never Slid
6. Divest Penis Roll
7. Devil List Person
8. Diverse Lint Slop
9. Rod Still Pensive
10. Provide Less Lint
11. Respond Evil List
12. Stir Love Spindle
13. Revolt, Dispel Sin
14. Devise Still Porn
15. Pissed Troll Vein
16. Derive Snot Spill
17. Devil Insert Slop
18. Livid Pert Lesson
19. Pilot Less Driven
20. Insert Old Pelvis
21. Drove Until Piss
22. Snivel, Old Priest
23. Resent Livid Slop
24. Revise, Don't Spill!
25. Slid Penis Revolt
26. Silent Driven Pod
27. Drove Silent Lips
28. Drive Stolen Lips
29. Silver Penis Dolt
30. Silver Tinsel Pod
31. It's Old Silver Pen!
32. List Spider Novel
33. Sell Sprint Video
34 Solve Silent Drip
35. Stroll Penis Dive
36. Solve Tinsel Drip
37. Sold, Virile, Spent
38. Spoil Stern Devil
39. Penis Drill Stove
40. Split Solid Nerve
41. Never Piss 'Til Old
42. I'll Never Spit Sod
43. Piss Red Til Novel
44. I'll End Overt Piss
45. Rev Old Penis Slit


Vulgar Wizard said...

"45. Rev Old Penis Slit"


Marilyn said...

Ummm... have you tried knitting?

whall said...

Shall I call you an anagram genius? I know one if you want me to call you one.

Meloncutter said...

You are a sick and twisted individual.

I like that in a woman.

Call me.

Later Y'all.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Many of these would make better titles than the original one...

Shelli said...

Is this sort of like doodling with your mind?

Janna said...

VulgarWizard: Thank you for reading all the way to the end. :)

Marilyn: I tried knitting once. Hated it.

Whall: Look how helpful you are! Can you bring me a pizza too? I'm hungry.

Meloncutter: Coming from you, that is a great compliment.

Mr. Fab: "Silent Red Pelvis" would be a neat name for a blog. So would "Split Solid Nerve."

Shelli: I love doodling with my mind, even though it never calls me the next morning.

Wayne said... used old 6 times and penis 6 time.......hmmmm

DutchBitch said...

OMG woman! You rock!

katherine. said...

rather brilliant..

Janna said...

Wayne: Thanks for noticing!

Dutchy: Quick! Go tell Fab that!

Katherine: I didn't do much; I just listed them, but thanks!