Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thirteen things that do NOT belong in a swimming pool

1) Toaster oven
2) Suede
3) Molten lava
4) Lawn mower
5) Loaf of bread
6) Extension cord
7) Moose
8) Anyone wearing a diaper
9) Olive oil
10) Sewing machine
11) Thumb tacks
12) Sharks
13) Used condoms


Mr. Fabulous said...

But if you connect the toaster over to the extension cord and then plug it in, and THEN put it in the swimming pool...

Lynda said...

They shouldn't be in a swimming pool, yet it is amazing how much you find these things in swimming pools....

I passed a swimming pool with a lawn mower in it, just the other day!

Angry said...

things I have seen in a swimming area...

perhaps i shouldn't swim there anymore...

katherine. said...

I dated a guy called Moose for a while

Marilyn said...

Not even waterproof swimming diapers? I took the baby swimming sometimes...she was a little water bug.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: And with any luck, some people will be in there wearing diapers at the time...

Angry: Move away! Move far! Move soon!

Katherine: Was he in the swimming pool?

Marilyn: No. Not even then. Poop particles can still escape. The "eeewwwwww" factor is staggering.

Janna said...

Lynda: There wasn't anyone ON the mower, was there?

Travis said...

Do you imply that unused condoms CAN go in the pool?

I'm just asking for reference.

Janna said...

Travis: Only if you put them in a Ziploc baggie first. I recommend the ribbed kind.