Saturday, September 15, 2007

First I need to buy a lot of green paint...

Here's an unusual concept.

Paint something, then sell the painting for what the subject would have actually cost.
For example, paint a picture of a steak, and sell it for the amount you'd need to buy a steak.
Paint a car and sell it for the cost of a car.
I'm surprised at some of the prices in the post, though. I mean, where do buffalo wings cost $12.70? That seems outrageously high.
And the steak picture doesn't even LOOK tasty.

Things I would paint if I knew I could sell them
for the monetary value of the subject:

1) A million dollars, sitting next to a billion dollars, with a trillion dollars in the background
2) Actually, that pretty much covers it.


Marilyn said...

Wow... I'd make the best painting of a million dollars that ever was painted... Let me know when you find a market.

metalmom said...

A million next to a billion next to a trillion.....OW! My brain exploded at the thought!

Michael C said...

Your number 1 beats any clever thing I could have come up with. However, I would paint James Bond's Aston Martin! Oh, and me as a smart person!!

Wayne said...

but the buffalo wings come with celery!

Meloncutter said...

One would have to wonder how a prostitute would market this product. After they sell it, they still have it. Crap I am locked into another of those mind numbing paradox thingies again.

Later Y'all.

Janna said...

Marilyn: Why paint a million when you can paint a trillion instead? Just write a couple more zeros on the stacks of bills.

Metalmom: I hate it when that happens.

MichaelC: I love James Bond!

Wayne: They don't come with ten bucks worth of celery!

Meloncutter: Well, the idea is to paint something and sell it for the price the subject is worth. So a prostitute would just sell the painting for what her "parts" are worth. She doesn't have to give up her parts. She can keep painting over and over again!