Saturday, July 7, 2007

When caffeine just isn't enough

Wouldn't it be great if Coca-Cola still had real cocaine in it, just like the olden days?
I've never tried cocaine, but I drink lots of Coke.
And Pepsi.
If Coke went back to adding cocaine, I wonder what Pepsi would add, just so they could remain competitive?
"NEW Pepsi! Now with even MORE Black Tar Heroin!"


metalmom said...

I'll wait for 'crack-a-cola', thank you! I gave up smoking!LOL

Morgen said...

so instead of Sierra Mist would we have Afghanistan Mist, now with more fresh from the fields poppy juice?

Travis said...

Good girl! Always with your thinking cap on!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Stop drinking sugar-laden sodas!

briliantdonkey said...

You sound like me. I don't drink alcohol much or use any drugs, but if they took my coke from me I would be in badddddd shape.


Lynda said...

Pepsi would at pep of course!

Janna said...

Metalmom: "Crack-a-cola" is FUN to say! Go ahead, say it five times in a row... fun, isn't it? :)

Morgen: We can do a taste test!

Travis: My brain works pretty well sometimes, when I least expect it.

Mr. Fab: Stop drinking artificial sweeteners and chemicals!!!

BD: I'm a fiend for pretty much anything sweet and carbonated.

Lynda: Is that their secret ingredient? Are there lots of "Pep" addicts out there we just haven't heard about? Will there be a scathing expose in the media soon?