Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thirteen Things That Make Me Happy

1) Getting mail from someone I really like

2) Seeing gas prices go lower instead of higher

3) Playing french horn

4) Being snuggled up in bed while it's raining outside

5) Writing with a fountain pen

6) Blogging

7) Chocolate chip cookies (soft and chewy!!)

8) A chilly day

9) NOT having a migraine

10) Visiting Lee & Morgen

11) Watching James Bond movies

12) Hot HOT spicy things that burn my tongue with joy

13) Being told that I have just won 5 million dollars, tax free, along with a lovely mansion with a couple maids and a butler and my very own techno-geek whose job it is to get me the BEST laptop computer on the planet, with high-speed internet so fast it makes other computers appear to be moving backwards.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

what about cake janna?

smiles, bee

Lynda said...

haha! I like #13. My husband builds me computers like that. ;)

Marilyn said...

I need a maid and a butler. Do you know any that work for chocolate chip cookies?

Anonymous said...

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Morgen said...

that knicks girl needs her ass kicked. she keep promising to go away 'til September... but keeps spamming me, too.

As for you TT. I agree with lots of them except for #3 (I don't know how)and #12 (I like having a soft palate, thanks)... and hopefully #10 will come again soon... I've tried to drop hints...

Mr. Fabulous said...

I am more of a Dirty Harry guy than a James Bond guy, although the last Bond movie rocked.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

I've never written with a fountain pen & have always wanted to...

Janna said...

Empress Bee: I'm picky about my cake. It has to be JUST RIGHT, and usually it isn't. :(

Lynda: Lucky you! I'd love your hand-me-downs!

Marilyn: It depends on how good the cookies are, and whether the butler has the munchies.

Knicksgirl: SPAM blah blah yadda SPAM SPAM yadda blah blah SPAM...

Morgen: Soft palate, my ass. Don't be a wuss. I keep meaning to bring a jar of some homemade chili, so you can taste REAL hot spicy food!

Mr. Fab: I've never seen Dirty Harry!

Bundle: Fountain pens are awesome!!! :)

Travis said...

You know, some people would want the hot sexy pool boy. But you are happy with the techno geek.

Janna said...

Travis: Yup. I'm not sure quite what that says about me, but I WOULD rather have the geek than the pool boy.