Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ten Things That Happened At A Party I Attended Last Night

1) I got to hold two very cute little bunnies! One was about the size of a kitten, the other was about the size of a small hamster. Tiny and adorable-- and tame!

2) I tried raspberry Smirnoff. Not bad!

3) A guy pulled down his pants and mooned everyone in the room with his hairy ass.

4) I had a phone conversation with someone who's spent the past year of his life teaching at a school in Ethiopia.

5) I ate freshly-grilled smoked chicken.

6) I tried rum mixed with redpop. Not bad!

7) I got drooled on by a Saint Bernard that was about the size of a moose. NOT fun.

8) I learned that one of my friends got someone pregnant a few months ago.

9) I ate salt & vinegar potato chips.

10) I drove home at 4:00 in the morning.


metalmom said...

Sounds like a fun night!!

Morgen said...

so, how is Chris doing? still enjoying Ethiopia?

and what - no pictures of the hairy ass mooning? you lead us on and then don't follow through... such a tease!

glad you had fun!

Here's what I did last night: slept for 12 hours and could have slept another 12...

Steven said...

You party animal, you! I know how you take to moonings. :-)

Desert Songbird said...

Yes, we know how you feel about dog slobber, too.

Smirnoff Raspberry - had it; it's okay. I prefer Stoli myself. Not flavored, just good ol' plain Stoli.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Again with the Redpop?

It's time for an intervention.

Janna said...

Metalmom: It was!

Morgen: Chris is home for a visit and I got to see him tonight!

Steve: Yes, how could I forget, my first mooning was YOU! :)

Desert Songbird: Dog Slobber!! Ick! Ewwww!

Mr. Fab: You'll never take me alive!!

Lynda said...

Sounds like fun!

Janna said...

Lynda: Very! :)

Travis said...

I'm reading backwards and discovering that the last few days have not been good with you and the bodily functions of animals.

Janna said...

Travis: Imagine what kinds of things would happen if I visited a zoo!

Juby said...

lol you know you loved Curtis' hairy ass! Don't forget you smoked hookah too..though it wasnt' your first time ;-).

Janna said...

Kyle (Juby): Get the hairy ass images out of my head! Make it stop! Make it stop!