Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Five Random Items For No Reason

1) My right wrist which itches for no reason

2) Moose antlers, possibly from Bullwinkle

3) Jar of magical applesauce

4) Unicorn testicles

5) Rhode Island


Mr. Fabulous said...

What the fuck IS up with Rhode Island? They are NOT an island. What are they hiding?

Lynda said...

Unicorn testicles is a delicacy. I like them with crackers.

Marilyn said...

This is an ingredients list for a recepe. Fantastic Fred's Super Macho Rhode Island Oysters in Antler Sauce.... I'll pass. Thanks though.

Steven said...

You're kidding! What are the chances that I was thinking of that exact same list today? Uh, yeah. You're right. Absolutely zero. I can only aspire to your level of creative genius...sigh

empress bee (of the high sea) said...

raindrops (wishful thinking)

a cool breeze (yeah that!)

a cherry popsicle

a lovely pool on a big cruiseship (ahhhh)

frog testicles (for no reason whatsoever)

smiles, bee

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Exactly! It would be as if "Florida" was named "Refreshingly Cool".

Lynda: Don't get the canned ones, though; they're just mushy.

Marilyn: But what about item #1? On second thought, I'm not going to ask how anyone's right wrist helps in adding an ingredient to the sauce. (!)

Steve: Your list probably had the left wrist itching instead of the right. Common mistake.

Bee: Do frogs have testicles? I wonder if they look like peas...

Lynda said...

And they have the vinegar taste. Fresh is best!

Marilyn said...

Janna... You're correct. I have Fred and George's sauces all mixed up. This one uses the itchy left wrist.

Travis said...

Is the magical applesauce a good salve for itchy wrists?

Should we infer anything about moose antlers and unicorn testicles?

I don't know what's up with Rhode Island.

Janna said...

Lynda: Absolutely! The added cost is worth it!

Marilyn: It's ok. Common mistake.

Travis: If someone wants to give me a government grant, I'd be glad to research this.

Morgen said...

I can't believe you got Bee to type Frog Testicles.


Janna said...

Morgen: There is hope for Bee after all!