Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to annoy Janna in your spare time

Thirteen Things That Annoy Me:
1. Summer. Enough said.

2. Rush Limbaugh. MORE than enough said.

3. Molasses, molasses cookies, and anything else that pretends molasses is edible.

4. Burning plastic. No, really, I didn't need those lungs for anything special. Go ahead and fill them with deadly toxins as if they were a big pair of whoopie cushions.

5. Lint. It's EVERYWHERE! I think it has covert discussions with the dryer's filter when my back is turned. ("Pssst, hey, buddy, if you'll look the other way there's twenty bucks in it for ya.")

6. Bureaucracy and the mindless people who actually adhere to it as if it means anything.

7. How "Worcester" is actually pronounced "Wooster." WTF? Why, people? Are you TRYING TO screw with us? Even worse, the locals tend to say "Woostah" instead. How can you look at the word "Worcester" and say "Woostah"? Have you even HEARD of "Hooked on Phonics"??

8. Beverages at room temperature

9. Public speaking and the multitude of zombie eyes peering at you from the abyss, waiting for you to screw up so they can then mob you and eat your flesh, fighting over the tasty parts

10. Shoes that hurt my feet... and feet that just go ahead and hurt on their own

11. Cereal that makes a big deal out of having fiber and bran in it. Why not just go ahead and call it "Colon Cleanser Crunch"?

12. Theoretical thermonuclear physics diagrams

13. Things that break when you drop them. (Examples: glass, eggs, ceramic, porcelain, ice sculptures...)

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Michael said...

Hey you got both your blogs reviewed over at Ah Ok Lah, didn't do too bad.

Well done.

Desert Songbird said...

Ah, okay, don't shoot me, but #9 doesn't faze me a bit. In fact, I used to speak and train for a living, so speaking in front of groups (large or small) isn't a big deal for me.

Okay, you can curse me now; just don't shoot me.

Janna said...

Michael: Yes, I see that! Thanks for checking it out. :)

Desert Songbird: Oh, I won't shoot you. Good luck with the zombies, though.

Mr. Fabulous said...

If you can't handle Worcester, don't even try Leicester.

Marilyn said...

The ice sculptures are less likely to break if you dont cary them around everywhere.

Lynda said...

I always pronounce it War-chester. I like to go against the masses.

I don't really like cereal, but Colon Cleansing Crunch sounds like a best seller to me!

Aisby said...

Beverages at room temperature are definitely a NO NO!!

metalmom said...

What are the things you listed in #13? In my house we have plastic, sponge, styrofoam and bubblewrap.

Danielle said...

How "Worcester" is actually pronounced "Wooster." WTF? Why, people? Are you TRYING TO screw with us? Even worse, the locals tend to say "Woostah" instead. How can you look at the word "Worcester" and say "Woostah"? Have you even HEARD of "Hooked on Phonics"??"
Oh No! She Didn't.
We have a Worcester in Massachusetts, you see. Even in Boston we always hear about Worcester and the way, the only way it is pronounced in Massachusetts is Woostah. If the locals call it Woostah it's Woostah to all. If the locals called it or War.kes.ter then it's called those screeching, absurd pronunciations.

With love

Natalie said...

For your birthday I am sending you molasses cookies in a box insulated with lint that you have to go pick up at the post office.

Michael said...

Hooked on fonics is sos youse people can speak proper like.

Us English people have no problem say Woostah.

Edinburgh isn't Edin burg either.

"Edin borough"

briliantdonkey said...

go ahead and call it colon cleanser crunch......nice lol

Angell said...

LOL - I love the list Janna. Thanks for sharing. :D

Sanni said...

All 13 plus my fatboy XXL beanbag which thought it´s time to burst today. I´m trying to take advantage of this disaster. Millions of mini styrofoam globes cover the tons of lint at my place. *sigh*

Turnbaby said...

I eat molasses with a spoon ;-p

Travis said...

I keep telling you that room temperature at 100 degrees is death for anything.

Now a room temp of ice cold would work pretty well for a beverage, yes?

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: I'm afraid to ask.

Marilyn: Are you sure? Who told you that?

Lynda: Yay for War-Chester!!!! I am with you!

Aisby: Exactly!

Metalmom: I was at my mom's house and I dropped a dish. It broke.

Danielle: If it's pronounced "Woostah", it should be SPELLED Woostah. If it's spelled "Worcester," it needs to be pronounced in a way that reflects that spelling. One important first step would be to make sure both of those "R's" are being pronounced loud and clear!

Natalie: So, you're saying you hate me and wish I was dead?

Michael: You're British. You can pronounce things however you want, and I'll just think it's cute. :)

BD: The "Turbo" version could include dried prune bits!

Angell: Thanks! :)

Sanni: Oh, no!! What a mess! :(

Turnbaby: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. :)

Travis: "Ice Cold" sounds WONDERFUL!!! :D