Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's too hot to think of a title for this post

It was 92 degrees outdoors today.
And, since I have no air conditioning, it's always at least ten degrees hotter indoors during the summer.
That means it had to have been at LEAST 102 in here.
And it sure felt like it.
It's so hot that candle wax is soft and pliable, like clay.
I kid you not.
It's almost 11:00 at night, and it's STILL so hot that sweat is dripping down my face.

This is exactly why I hate summer.

It's also why I'm so grateful that Lee and Morgen are having me over for a few days. They have air conditioning. Bless them, they have air conditioning!!!
Perhaps a wealthy air-conditioned family will adopt me someday and let me live out in their comfy air-conditioned backyard shed...


Travis said...

It was about 80 today here and quite nice.

Try not to melt!

Desert Songbird said...

You could wrap yourself in heavy-duty aluminum foil and see how fast you'd cook inside your car...


Janna said...

Travis: Even 80 is outside my comfort zone!

Desert Songbird: I think I'm already tender. Here, poke me....

Matt-Man said...

They are having you over again!? Beware of the cult Janna!!

Lynda said...

No air conditioning?! I wouldn't survive!

metalmom said...

Jaaannnnaaa! You forgot to take me with you!! How am I supposed to protect you now?

On the other work!! Thanx, Boss! Have a nice cold Marguerita and kick back!

Morgen said...

Aren't you all glad, now that Janna's on her way to see me, that NOW I can tell you that our Air Conditioner is BROKEN?!?!?

Actually, it WAS. But I pulled in a favor, and got it fixed in time for her visit!

Whew! I can't imagine BOTH Lee and Janna locked in a hot house together, sweating and cranky. One or the other of them hot & cranky would be enough, but two of them -- well, I would have to go get a hotel room (for ME! - I'd leave them home, stewing in their own juices!!!)
But now, it will be safe to come home tonight. At least, air conditioning-wise, anyway.

Mr. Fabulous said... would have been like a steel cage death match...

metaalmom said...

If you did that to our gal, I'd have to track you down to the furthest corners of the earth!! My guess is, her highness would not be amused!! LOL

Danielle said...

You know we've hit 100 and it is only going up. I HATE being hot at night, HATE it. Jump in the cold shower, go to bed sopping wet with the fan on.
Works for me!!!

Michael said...

Here in Seattle we're not quite that hot but still toasty, we complain when its hot and when it rains!

Janna said...

Matt-man: I would gladly join any cult that had air conditioning.

Lynda: I know! I'm surprised I haven't melted yet!

Metalmom: Enjoy your vacation. :)

Morgen: I'm glad the AC was fixed when I got there!!!!!!!

Mr. Fab: Would you pay to see that? How much would you pay if we were naked? Let's negotiate...

Metalmom: If, by "not amused", you mean "ready to rip out vital organs and use them as wall decorations", then yes, absolutely right!

Danielle: I know just what you mean!!

Michael: Do you have A/C? If so, can I come visit for a few months? You can teach me how to speak British. :)