Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ten Sentences I Did NOT Say Today:

1) That tombstone would look really great in my living room.
2) Mozart would have really loved country music.
3) Armadillos don't taste all that bad, once you get past the shell.
4) Green Jello would be a great name for a pro wrestler.
5) Einstein was totally wrong about that whole speed-of-light thing.
6) Oh, come on, that smelled nothing like cabbage!
7) Are they supposed to be all fuzzy like that?
8) Can I draw dirty pictures on your back with a magic marker?
9) The world would be a much better place if ostriches could fly.
10) I love sports so much I could almost pee my pants.


Travis said...

So my question is, do we just ignore the fact that by writing a post such as this, you've actually said the 10 sentences that you say you didn't say?

Or does writing the sentences not actually count as saying them?

Wait...I think I just confused myself. Can I get an icepack?

Janna said...

Travis: I didn't say them out loud. Here's your ice pack.... and a couple aspirin.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Since when do you need an excuse to pee your pants?

Irish Church Lady :) said...

I like your new header picture.

Still working on those 6 word novels. It's like writing a lot of books you know. Ask Fab what that's like.

I believe you really did say "The world would be a much better place if ostriches could fly."

Wait... that was yesterday. Never mind.

Meloncutter said...

10 sentences I did say today.

Your boob is hanging out.

Wake up, the dog is licking it.

I hid all the twinkes.

Dang, that turd must be 4 feet long.



Good morning Little feller.

It's time to pee.

Come out, come out wherever you are.

Damn I hate cold weather.

Later Y'all....

Matt-Man said...

Flying ostriches would be da bomb...so to speak.

Turnbaby said...

LOLOLOL "cabbage farts' LOLOLOL

Morgen said...

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Lynda said...

But you have said them at one point?

Desert Songbird said...

OMG - the comments are as funny as the original post!

Poor Trav. His mind isn't what it used to be. Must be all the Dancing with the Stars. I think someone Paso Dobled all over him - perhaps Laila Ali?

Now, I must admit, I would utter #10, sports freak that I am. But then again, I take diuretics, so it's possible to pee in my pants without the use of sports...

Desert Songbird said...

Oh, and thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I feel so special...


Janna said...

Mr. Fab:

Irish Church Lady: Thanks! I change it often, so enjoy it while it's there! :)

Meloncutter: 4 feet long?? What you need to do is have your penis and your turds switch sixes. Find a genie or something. If nothing else, you'd have plenty to blog about!

Matt-man: Imagine what it would do to your windshield!

Turnbaby: Glad you liked that one. :)

Morgen: Thanks for the plug! :)

Lynda: I plead the fifth.

Desert Songbird: So is that "HA!" supposed to mean "Ha, I'm so excited!!" or "Ha, Janna, you loser." ??? I smell sarcasm... who's it coming from? *sniff* *sniff*

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Oops! Sorry I left you out of the previous grouping. What I meant to say is, it's always nice to have an excuse handy, in case people ask what the hell I'm doing.