Thursday, March 15, 2007

No water

I just discovered that when I turn on the water faucets, nothing comes out. Something is wrong. Dammit. Dammitdammitdammit. I will have to call the handyman first thing tomorrow morning.
Wonder how much this is going to cost.


Cincy Diva said...

Call the water compalny first. It might be their fault.

Janna said...

Cincy Diva: Alas, I live out in the country and I have well-water. No water company involved. If there's a problem, it's due to something with my well, or the water pump, or the water pipes.

Travis said...

Well that just bites.

Desert Songbird said...

Ooo, no water means you can', business....

That sucks.

Steven said...

I tell you...when it rains it pours. Oh, maybe not the best metaphor for this situation.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Mrs. Fab refused to consider a house out in the country because she didn't want to deal with wells.

Hope it goes well for you.

Cincy Diva said...

Ugh! I lived once out in the country. We did not have a well...we had a cistern, which meant we had to fill it. 6 months of not being able to take long hot soaky baths was enough for me!

onionboy said...

i'm sure it's related to:

1. asparagus peeing experiments
2. mysterious internet unconnectivity.
3. some, all, or none of the above.

lately, here at the lazy onion ranch, we have noticed our water smells of chlorine. obviously, there has been a bleach spill upstream in the missouri river somewhere, and it's being covered up in a right wing plot to enslave everyone but the rich. it could be a left wing plot to discredit the president (who does that pretty well without any help). maybe it's a north wing plot to get us to quit calling it canadian bacon.

someone needs to start a plot to put something 'interesting' in the food day brownies.

someone asked me what i was doing, and i said "i am commenting (war & peace length) on the jannaverse. i am not sure war & peace was this this short.

did you know if you laid out all the toilet paper in the world end to end you still couldn't get to uranus. (alternate punch line) you still couldn't get your roommate to change the roll when he empties it.

the previous post reminded me of when i had a job as phone monkey for a local isp. this woman called in and compared her internet being down as needing the same kind of attention as an emergency room heart-attack. i managed to keep my temper through that, but then she called me "honey"...

i went to the doctor the other day and my blood pressure was 144/96! what is up with that? my doctor said it was from my migraine meds because it's never been above 120/76 before, and usually lower than that.

should i be writing this all on my own blog? evidentily, i am making up for my lack of recent commenting by doing it all at once.

does anyone besides me wonder if michigan looks like a mitten what happened to the other one? someone should have tied a string through the jacket to the other mitten, just like my mom did to me ... last week.

okay, i think i'm done now.

yes, that is a 358 word comment.

Matt-Man said...

Maybe your well ran dry.

Morgen said...

you know there's an old Linda Rondstat song, "you never wanna drink of water, 'til the well's run dry"

the Jannaverse version: your pee never smells from asparagus until the well pump breaks

There's not even snow now that you can put in the commode, is there?
As you sit there, literally stewing in your own juices, I send you good thoughts. And a virtual sponge bath.

Ew, now I've gone blind!!!!

Steven Novak said...

I'll tell you how much it's going to cost. A lot. Things like this always cost a lot. ;)


Janna said...

Travis: Yes, that about sums it up!

Desert Songbird: Exactly!

Steven: Doesn't irony suck?

Mr. Fab: Mrs. Fab is wise...

Cincy Diva: That would bug me too!

Onionboy: A 358-word comment!!! Will you marry me??

Matt-Man: Is that a euphemism for a declining sex drive?

Morgen: "Stewing in your own juices"... LOL.. And, sadly, true. :o

Novak: Ugh! Thanks for the insight... I think! :-o