Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The asparagus experiment continues

Note: Read yesterday's post, if you haven't already, otherwise this will make no sense whatsoever.

I've been informed that the amount of asparagus in a Lean Cuisine is not enough to produce significant pee stinkage. Sooo, I guess I STILL don't know if I'm one of those people or not.
Mr. Fabulous (who might just be trying to torture me) suggested I needed to eat an entire can of asparagus, to make sure I'd consumed enough for the chemical weirdness to take place.
At first I didn't think I HAD a can of asparagus anywhere in the house, but then I vaguely remembered buying one a looooonng time ago. So I searched through the canned goods, back in the culinary boondocks we all have, where we keep the stuff we'll probably never eat... and there it was. One can of asparagus. So I figured what the hell, let's eat it right now.
And I did.
Bleechhh. I realize now why I don't buy asparagus very often.
I think FRESH steamed asparagus would have been much better, topped with just a bit of lemon butter. This canned stuff was horrible. It was mushy and stringy and just downright gross. Gack.
But, in the interests of science and personal urinary discovery, I ate it anyway. I finished it about five minutes ago. So I guess by tomorrow morning, I'll have some sort of verdict one way or the other.

As an added side note, I visited my Mom today. During a lull in the conversation, I got ready to ask "the" question. Imagine the scene in one of those old commercials where the daughter asks "Mom, do you sometimes feel.... not so fresh??"

Except today it was "Um... does asparagus make your pee smell weird?"

Mom said YES, it does make her pee smell funny. She'd presumed it did that to everyone, and was genuinely surprised when I told her it only happens to about 40% of the population.

(Yes, it was a special bonding moment.)

Stay tuned for the exciting urinary/olfactory verdict tomorrow.
(I know you're all just on the edge of your seats, genuinely interested in this whole fascinating topic....)


NoMas said...

Oh no, you are ruint for life eating that canned asparagus shit.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like the canned asparagus better than any other kind. Served piping hot, with butter and salt, it is a party in my mouth!

It's nice that you and your mom could share a Hallmark moment over asparagus and me.

Janna said...

Nomas: I know! Tell me about it!

Mr. Fab: How anyone could like that mushy stringy canned crap is beyond me.

Morgen said...

Janna: here I divert from Mr. Fab --- canned asparagus = YUK
fresh asparagus = heaven (and I think it's the fresh that'll really make your pee stink)
I'm glad your mom's in the 40% club!
And how funny is it that you have SO many people weighing in on the smell of their urine!?!?!
Only at One More Raindrop, folks!

Janna said...

Morgen: You should read how many people were discussing it over at Mr. Fab's site!!

Claire said...

Never tried the canned stuff, but it sounds yucky.
But it only takes one or two fresh spears for it to affect me!
and boy did it freak me out.

Janna said...

Claire: One of these days I plan on trying a bunch of the fresh stuff, just to be sure. The canned stuff was unbelievably nasty.