Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weird dream I had last night

I went to McDonalds and ordered a burger with no onions. Instead it arrived with nothing BUT onions. (this has actually happened to me on more than one occasion). Plus the top bun was a lot larger than the bottom bun, like they'd taken it from a BigMac instead of a regular hamburger. I absolutely can not eat burgers with onions on them, onions seriously make me sick (read here for further explanation). So I took the burger back to complain. I requested a replacement that fit the specifications of what I had ordered. The counter-people were not very helpful and not apologetic at all, so I ended up talking to the manager. For some reason, in my dream, the manager/owner of this McDonalds was Kevin Nealon. (yes, Kevin Nealon from the old "Saturday Night Live" days) He was also a high-school principal, and McD ownership was just a "side gig" for him.
He took me into a back room, where we sat at one of the tables and discussed things. He seemed to be implying that people shouldn't expect so much of him, because he had a rough childhood. He told me about his days in high school, where it was so bad he had to carry a gun to school often. He said he shot & killed people, though I had to kind of draw that information out of him. As the conversation progressed, it was as though I was his therapist, and we were in a counseling session. (Hey, I really do have a therapy degree; if I can't find such a job in the real world, I might as well dream about it, right?) I ended up having to stop the conversation short, saying we should "make an appointment" for the next session, where we could discuss his issues further.
I never did get my hamburger.


Morgen said...

Is that what Kevin Nealon is doing now? Dream Cameos!
How the mighty have fallen!
Now I want a quarter pounder.
I'd say extra onions, but mickey d's charges you for extra onions.
You'd think with as many times as you've said NO onions, they could give me a sprinkle more for free, right???? Noooooo.
Thanks for sharing your dream.
At least you didn't have a fawn on a sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace in your bosses' office!

Mr. Fabulous said...

They charge for extra onions?

This is an outrage! I would totally embark on a vengeful letter-writing campaign except that my short attention span will likely kick in and I will forget all about why yes, I do look good in blue, thank you for noticing.