Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thirteen Things I Would NOT Eat At A Picnic:

1) Potato salad
2) Egg salad
3) Chicken salad
4) Tuna salad
5) Pasta salad
6) Seafood salad
7) Cabbage salad (aka "coleslaw")
8) Fruit salad
9) ANY salad with mayo in it (Note: this includes mayo-like substances such as Miracle Whip, yogurt, and sour cream)
10) Deviled eggs
11) Spam
12) Bologna
13) Jello with anything added to it or stirred into it or sprinkled on top of it (Possible exception: Jello shots)

1 comment:

Morgen said...

does anyone really call cole slaw "cabbage salad"???

and I don't think seafood salad should be a picnic item anyway... that one just screams "give me samonella NOW"

And now I want to go on a picnic to the beach.
Deviled eggs and spam sandwiches!