Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Yesterday I received a comment on one of my posts, suggesting that I find three things I like about myself. This was in response to my Anti-Valentine sentiments.
Though I have no doubt that the commenter was trying to be nice, and I believe his heart was in the right place, it's one of my pet peeves when people make knee-jerk assumptions that others have a lack of self-esteem.
Honest, my self-esteem level is just fine.
Hating Valentines' Day doesn't mean anything, one way or the other, as far as it relates to liking one's self.
Nonetheless, I will take the challenge offered. Here is a list of not three, but thirteen things I like about myself.

1) I work creatively under pressure. Often my best work has been done under a pressing deadline.
2) I enjoy creating humorous drawings and caricatures of myself, showing that I have a sense of humor about my quirks and flaws.
3) I can usually make my friends laugh. :)
4) I'm not a neat-freak who gets bent out of shape over a fingerprint here and there. Hey, the world is made to be 'lived in.' Living is messy. C'est La Vie.
5) I'm generally very good at corresponding with friends. The longest letter I ever wrote someone was 176 pages. (full-notebook-size sheets, narrow ruled!) It had to be mailed in a 9x12 envelope and cost over two dollars to send.
6) I'm logical enough to solve even the most difficult Sudoku puzzles.
7) I enjoy performing music on a variety of instruments, and honestly care about playing the music correctly. Music is a fun and joyous thing, but if you're the one responsible for performing it, you also need to approach it with a serious respect for getting it right. I try to always have the appropriate level of respect.
8) I enjoy composing music for a variety of instruments, and often wonder about fun combinations of instruments I could arrange (e.g. Flute, Xylophone, Cowbell, Alto voice)
9) I am literate, I believe in the power of the written word, and I pride myself on knowing how to write and spell properly.
10) I enjoy writing poetry, both serious and humorous.
11) I love animals, especially cats. Compassion for animals is an important quality, in my opinion.
12) I believe it can be fun to try new things, whether that means trying a new flavor of potato chips, taking a different route home, reading a new author, or starting a blog!
13) I enjoy all kinds of humor, and try to laugh at least once each day!


Christine said...

I enjoyed your posting. Well written and thought out. I consider myself literate too. My TT blog this features films (mostly foreign) that have made an impression on me. Thanks for sharing.

Turnbaby said...


We have quite a lot in common. How interesting is that. I must come back and peruse though-I am so fricking tired

back later


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi janna, oh honey i love sudoku too! spend hours on it...

smiles, bee

Christine said...

Good self-esteem is overrated, anyway. Trust me on that one. It's a modern-day snake oil!

Loved your post~

Morgen said...

You pretty much nailed yourself.
I'm still in awe of your suduko ablilites. Just thinking about those little number jumbles gives me a headache.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

What a great and interesting list. I love that you approach music with respect for getting it right. And I agree about compassion for animals. Many of my best friends have been four-leggeds.

Kyle said...

Things I like about Janna

1. She always wears flamboyantly colored shirts with BEEEYOUTIFUL colors that I don't think I would have otherwise come across or nature :-P.

2. She writes INCREDIBLE music. I've always loved how she is able to manipulate simple melodies into complicated expressions of emotion.

3. I love her smile and when she gets laughing. Usually at me..or my laugh.

4. I love that she loves Fountain Pens. I have always been an admirer of fountain pens myself.

5. I love her sense of humor. Her sarcastic little quips are usually what gets everyone laughing most frequently.

6. I love hearing her on F.Horn especially when she blows the doors off. My head always turns so my ear is point towards the horn section.

7. I enjoy her company, but it always seems when I spend time with her, that I enjoy it more and more each time.

There are more I'm sure, as complex and deep of a person as she is..I just in my feeble mind seem to articulate all of the qualities she has that makes her far superior than anyone else. I hope she forgives my ignorance and accepts me throwing myself at her feet. :-P

LOVE ya! see ya Tuesday..FINALLY have't been there in a while..going through Janna withdrawls

Travis said...

I always get a giggle when I come here. That takes talent and is not the work of someone who is uncomfortable with self.