Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Red Tea

Just so Valentine's Day won't be a total loss, I'm taking this opportunity to try something new.
It's from Snapple, and it's called "Acai Mixed Berry RED TEA."
Red tea!
I just bought it a few minutes ago. (Sad testament to my blogging addiction: While there in the store, I saw the bottle and immediately thought "Wow, I can try that and then blog about it!!!")
Anyway, here goes... I'm opening the bottle....
Smells unusual. Like berry and something.
Trying the tea....
My first reaction was "ugh", but then the aftertaste was actually quite pleasant, like a sweet mixed berry punch. I "sort of" like it, but probably won't get it again. My favorite is still the Snapple Green Apple White Tea.

UPDATE at 6:45: One word: diarrhea.
DEFINITELY won't be buying this again.
Happy Valentines Day to you, too.

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