Thursday, February 8, 2007

Preview of (hopefully) hot things to come

While out shopping today, I decided to get some so-called "Spicy" or "Hot" snacks so I can do some more of my "world premiere" posts. (As in, "NEW world premiere: Janna tries Betty-Bob's Backwoods Hot Chips for the first time ever!")
What can I say? It's below freezing out there, and I need to get SOME heat into my life.
I'll try them later on, but here are the three kinds I decided to get:
Mikesell's Kettle-Cooked "Hoppin' Hot Habanero" potato chips
Snyder's "Hot Buffalo Wing" pretzel pieces
Pringle's Select "Szechuan Barbecue" rice chips
Stay tuned for the moment when I try these for the first time. I haven't decided yet whether I'll try all three in one day, or stretch them out over three days, or what. (If any of you actually care, feel free to voice a preference. :)

(And no, as far as I know, there is no such thing as "Betty-Bob's Backwoods Hot Chips"... but wouldn't be cool if there was?)


Morgen said...

schezuan barbeque rice chips? by Pringles?
Sorry, hon, those just sound nasty to me!
I'll stick with my sea salt & vinegar kettle brand chips!

Turnbaby said...

I have had the Hoppin'Hot Habanero--they are damn addictive. Yum OH