Monday, February 19, 2007

Forty Forty Forty!!!

Today we celebrate the fact that Morgen is turning 40!!
In honor of that, I have compiled this list of links, all of which relate to turning 40.

Book: Turning 40: Wit, Wisdom, and Whining

A guy who named his blog "Turning Forty"...
(He's also named it "The Very Gay Blog".
Look at the profile.
His new blog over at Wordpress is cute too.

Buy a t-shirt that celebrates being 40!
(Try to ignore the one that says "How the hell did I get this old?!!")

Forty Things About Being Forty
(Written by a BBC journalist... I get the impression some of this is 'lost in the translation' for us American folk...)

A nice site called ""...

Book of Ages dot com....
("Exploring life's landmark ages in hilariously obsessive detail.")

Various blog entries by others who have turned 40:

A blog called "The Essential Guide To Turning 40"

An essay called "Fortysomething"...

Look what Jennifer Aniston did when SHE was afraid of turning forty!

"Psychological Forty"

If all else fails, write to an advice columnist about turning 40:

And always remember, it could be worse: You could be pregnant!

Have a wonderful day, Morgen.
Enjoy the Morgepalooza!!!


Travis said...

Nice spin on the 40-phobia. It really isn't so bad. Age is only a number after all.

And yes, I have credibility to speak as I do - I will turn 43 in 6 weeks.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I do not know this Morgen you speak of. But if he has your seal of approval then he must be okay...

Turnbaby said...

Nice job Janna

I can absolutely state that age is a mere number and my number is 47.

Forty is FREEING

How fun--I'll be back and check out more links.

Christine said...

Ooh, this is too cool! When I was turning 40, it took lots of work just to find quotes on turning 40!

Matt-Man said...

40 shmorty, as long as I can still get it up from time to time Im a happy guy.

Jamie said...

And when you need a really good laugh read Judity Viorst's "How Did I Get to be 40 and Other Atrocities".

Fortunately, for those of us who have continued to age, she has continued with the later decades.

Neila said...

OMG! What a great post, Janna! I am going to have to check all of those out! Great tribute to our friend, Morgen!!!!

Happy Manic Monday!

Morgen said...

I could be pregnant!
Yeah, that would be the immaculate deception, for sure!
Thanks for a wonderful forty forty forty post!


Steven Novak said...

I've still got a ways to go before 40.

Still working on 30. ;)


Gattina said...

It's long time gone my 40th birthday, lol ! and the worst is I didn't even realize that I turned forty, the same was with fifty and sixty I just don't care about years ! I still feel the same since I became an adult (whenever that was, if it ever happened)

Sanni said...

That´s the coolest - I wish I ahd all the information when my s.o. Frank turned 40 last year - LOL