Friday, February 16, 2007

The flashers are getting younger and younger these days

While at the laundromat this evening, there was a kid at one of the tables about 20 feet away. He was maybe 10 years old, kinda pudgy, obviously bored and unable to sit still. So he got up and knelt on his chair and leaned waa-a-ayy over onto the table, just to see how far he could reach. Well, in the process his pants (which apparently were a bit too loose) slipped almost all the way down over his butt, giving me and the rest of the world a giant mooning.
BIG mooning.
And either his underwear just happened to slip at the same rate as his pants, or he wasn't WEARING any underwear-- 'cuz I'm tellin' ya, it was nothin' but bare naked butt.
I looked around to see if his mother was noticing this, but apparently she was in some other section of the laundromat, blissfully unaware.


Morgen said...

In a weird coincidence, I'm writing a story today about my full moon in Egypt experience.
Make sure to check out morgEpalooza for this adventure!

Kyle said...

Janna's a PERV! :-P j/k

Travis said...