Thursday, February 22, 2007

... and the pebbled swan was never all that exuberant anyway

The purple xylophone murgatroid is making gray waffles in the midnight eclipse.
I am tired and sleep-deprived and the world is making no sense.
Red meringue lollipops tend to fluctuate wildly in the passing breezes of Massachusetts.
I really should try to get more sleep, instead of staying up half the night on the computer.
Batman knew twenty-seven horn-swaggling fricternoppers but none were allergic to pickled moose berries.
Maybe I should take a nap.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I am originally from Massachusetts and I don't remember any lollipops...

Matt-Man said...

Hogan's Heroes built a gongulator.

Travis said...

Because a vest has no sleeves.

Morgen said...

You used mergatroid in a sentence!
You win the gold blongutron of the day!