Monday, January 1, 2007

What? It's January already???

Wow. It's not December anymore.
This happens every year; I can sort of wrap my head around the fact that the year will be changing, but the MONTH-- that somehow hits me by surprise every time. I can't explain why. It's like the crossover from December to January feels like more of a "leap" than from 2006 to 2007.
I know, I'm weird.
I haven't even bought any 2007 calendars yet!
I wonder if there are calendars with fountain pens on them? There would be a new pen for each month... January could be Waterman, February could be Pelikan, March could be Aurora, ..... all the way to December, which would be Cartier.
January is also my birthday month. I was born in a "zero" year (1970), so the last digit of my age is the same as the last digit of the year. (e.g. after my birthday I'll be 37 in 2007... in 1986 I was 16... in 1975 I was 5....).
On New Years' Eve I had a scrumptious dinner of homemade French bread pizza, with pepperoni and Canadian bacon. Yum!!
It's currently 1:30 in the morning, which means it's still 2006 in Colorado and California and Hawaii. (All time zones west of Chicago). And... (gasp)... still DECEMBER there, too.


Aisby said...

I, too, have a harder time with the December to January than the year to year change. But I will be writing 2006 on my checks until July (yes, I'm still in 20th century writing checks instead of using a debit card...I always forget to write those down).
Happy New Year!

Matt-Man said...

Happy New Year Janna!! 37 huh? 42 in February, dear god take me now...