Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thirteen things I did on my birthday

1) Woke up (see, that's a good start)
2) Fed the cats.
3) Had lunch with Mom.
4) Picked up my free birthday pizza. (There's this place in Jonesville, called Main Street Pizza, which gives you a free individual-size pizza on your birthday). Yum!
5) Did some last-minute revisions on the music composition I'm printing out.
6) Gave myself a manicure and painted my nails in blue and white pinstripes. :)
7) Wore a blue shirt and blue pants and blue cardigan sweater (are you noticing a theme here?)
8) Gave a manicure to a sweet little old lady.
9) Checked e-mail and snail mail
10) Noticed that gas is 4 cents cheaper than yesterday (naturally, considering I filled the tank yesterday)
11) Petted the cats.... reminded self to scoop out litter box
12) Forgot to mail a letter I'd written... blamed it on age-related forgetfulness
13) Realized I'm only three years away from turning 40...!


pseven1982 said...

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Janna said...

Look, everyone, LOOK, it's my very first SPAM comment!
My very first, ever!
And it arrived on my birthday. :)
Maybe the 5000 dollars is my present... Can I have it in tens and twenties? In a professional-looking briefcase? With some sexy pictures of Johnny Depp?
Well, in that case, get off my blog, you lousy spammer, you. :)

(I'll delete the rest of the spam I get, but this one can stay. It's my first, and that makes it special. :)

Skittles said...

See.. wasn't that spam a nice gift? lol!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!!

Neila said...

Happy Birthday, Janna!! I hope you had a great one!!

Sexy pictures of Johnny Depp. . . hmmm . . . now, there's a nice birthday thought! ;-)

Travis said...

I've just discovered your blog and you're already making me laugh. That's a good sign.

Looking forward to reading more!

Happy Birthday!

Mel said...

Five thousand dollars a WEEK?!

Holy buckets........what a nice prezzie!!


Happy Birthday, ma'am....don't spend that spam money all in one place, eh?

Desert Songbird said...

Super to hear that you had a great birthday, but I'm oh so jealous of your spam money. Must you spend it on SPAM? Can you buy some bagwine with it instead? Just don't drink that wine with your Cheetos, tho'...

Wayne said...

I love Spam!
Especially on toast with ketchup!

Matt-Man said...

Three years from 40...Big deal. In a couple of weeks I will be 2 years PAST 40!!

onionboy said...

let me tell you matt-man, 42 rocks!

Asara said...

mmm.. sexy pictures of Johnny Depp.. I like the way things look around here already! :) Stopping by from Morgen's, who I found through Skittles.. I think I'm going to start a link list of fellow Michiganders, mind if I add you to it? Thanks!!

Steven Novak said...

You may be the only pther peson I've ever met that requires a pizza on their birthday. :)


Morgen said...

Spam and pizza and 5,000 a week!

Throw in some Johnny Depp pictures, and we've got a reason to keep blogging!